POTD: East meets West – Snipers in Latvia

    It’s in Europe that things happen! East meets West, snipers and snipers systems meet. Just take a look at these Photo(s) Of The Day (POTD) for an interesting variety. Above you can see a Remington sniper rifle, suppressed (Remington Mk 21 Precision Sniper Rifle). Below you can see some Russian sniper rifles and a shooting range that seems to extend beyond our dreams.

    Nice paint job.

    A good spotting scope is always good to have around. I think this is a Leupold.

    Below: Looks like a Schmidt & Bender supplied by Accuracy International. Spanish Sniper. (Note the “AI” on the left/right cap). The mount looks silly high. Hearing protection by MSA.

    eFP Battle Group Latvia continued their training today with a live fire range exercise. They were join by members from USA and Netherlands. We are stronger if work together!

    5e Groupe-brigade mécanisé du Canada (5 GBMC) Canadian Armed Forces Estado Mayor de la Defensa. EMAD. España

    Pictures by eFP Battle Group Latvia.