POTD: Cold Response 2020

    What is the German Navy doing in this snowy environment? They were also part of the Cold Response 2020 exercise in Norway, earlier this year before we knew what the Coronavirus was. How soon will it be before we know which firearm will take over the HK G36? Will it be an AR15 clone like the HK416, the HK433 or the Haenel? And how well will it cope with arctic conditions? As you know, the selection of Germany’s next service rifle has been delayed again.

    Low temperatures, icy winds and lots of snow: This is the scenario for the Cold Response 2020 exercise. Over 15,000 soldiers from 10 nations are practicing combat in the far north. Among them are France, the Netherlands and Finland, but also more than 200 German soldiers from the Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23.

    Despite adverse weather conditions, the Gebirgsjäger will show their skills, but will also be able to gain a lot of new experiences. This great exercise has a long tradition. It has been held every two years since 2006.

    Photos: Bundewehr / German Army by Jana Neumann and Schulz.