TRUGLO Announces New Tac-Pod Carbon Pro Bipods

    TRUGLO's new Carbon Pro bipod.

    TRUGLO's new Carbon Pro bipod.

    Since its founding in 1993, Texas-based TRUGLO has developed an extensive product catalog. Although they are probably best known in the firearms world for their tritium and fiber optic handgun sights, they also offer a plethora of other items for hunting, archery, and more. From a variety of scopes and red dots to shotgun choke tubes, splatter targets, and bowfishing accessories, TRUGLO brings a plethora of sporting and outdoor solutions to the table. One such product line is their Tac-Pod adjustable bipod series. With MSRPs ranging from $35-$60, these are an inexpensive alternative to the industry’s more top-shelf options, many of which can go for considerably more money. Now with a July 15th press release, TRUGLO is introducing two new additions to their bipod menu: a “Carbon Pro” version available in short (6″-9″) and long (9″-13″) lengths.


    Beyond the inclusion of carbon fiber elements, the new model's design itself departs from the existing version, like the one shown here.

    Beyond the inclusion of carbon fiber elements, the new model’s design itself departs from the existing version, like the one shown here.

    TRUGLO TAC•POD Carbon Pro Bipods

    Lightweight and Versatile Carbon Bipod for Hunting and Tactical Shooting

    TRUGLO, Inc. introduces the new TAC•POD™ Carbon Pro Bipod, featuring a lightweight and compact design with adjustable folding legs that makes it ideal for bench or prone shooting while maintaining maneuverability in the field.

    Constructed from carbon fiber and aluminum, the TAC•POD Carbon Pro offers maximum strength with minimum weight. The mount quickly attaches to Picatinny-style rails and has a rotating design for easy shooting angle adjustment without repositioning the legs. Padded rubberized feet provide positive grip retention and the pivoting base offers precision leveling on uneven surfaces.

    Unlocked, the ball-joint design allows the TAC•POD Carbon Pro to pan, tilt, and roll for various shooting positions. Users can then lock the bipod in place to maintain its position. A push-button leg lock provides smooth deployment—locking the legs in the up or down position. A twist-lock length adjustment allows each leg to independently extend.

    Available in two models: short (6-9 in.) and long (9-13 in.). The new TAC•POD Carbon Pros provide long-range rifle shooters with dependable, lightweight bipods that offer superior performance at affordable price points.

    TRUGLO TAC•POD Carbon Pro Bipods Specifications

    • Models: TG8903S (6-9 in.); TG8903L (9-13 in.)
    • Mounts to Picatinny rail
    • Carbon fiber and aluminum construction
    • Lightweight and compact with quick deployment
    • Great for bench or prone shooting
    • Padded rubberized feet
    • Pivoting base for precision leveling on uneven surfaces
    • Durable construction for the harshest environments
    • MSRP: $82.99 (TG8903S, 6-9 in.); $94.99 (TG8902L, 9-13 in.)

    About TRUGLO
    TRUGLO, Inc. is the global leader in fiber-optic technology and accessories for the shooting sports industry. Now celebrating over 25 years of innovation, TRUGLO continues its tradition of providing technologically advanced ideas for shooting, hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts. TRUGLO’s commitment to conservation groups and youth programs supports the future of the industry and lifestyle we love and value. TRUGLO – When Brightness Counts. Based in Richardson, Texas.

    Here you can see one of the older bipods mounted and in use.

    Here you can see one of the older bipods mounted and in use.Although this price point would indicate that TRUGLO is still not trying to compete with the most premium models offered by heavy-hitters like Harris or Atlas, it does appear that they are expanding further from true “budget” territory edging more into that middle-market space where Magpul has found success with their own bipod. Will the Carbon Pro hold up? Does it meet the buyer’s value-for-cost approval? Time will tell. What do our readers say? Do you plan to buy one of these new bipods? Let us know what you think in the comments! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of TRUGLO.
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