Streamlight Introduces Duty-Ready Stinger 2020 Handheld Flashlight

    Streamlight brings you the new Stinger 2020 flashlight.

    Flashlights and firearms are inextricably connected. Weapon-mounted lights are often affixed to AR-15s, pistol-caliber carbines, sub guns, defensive shotguns, pistols, and more. Many handgun carriers also carry standalone flashlights, either instead of weapon lights, or sometimes even in addition to them. Light manufacturers are always coming out with new and improved models that offer more lumens, greater candela, or other benefits. Since their founding in 1973, Streamlight has spent nearly a half-century growing into a leading supplier of these illuminating tools. Now with a July 14th announcement, they have introduced the latest addition to their law enforcement-focused offerings: the new Duty-Ready Stinger 2020. Read the full press release below.

    The body is intended to have an ergonomic shape, with an anti-roll design and non-slip side panels.

    The body is intended to have an ergonomic shape, with an anti-roll design and non-slip side panels.

    JULY 14, 2020

    Streamlight Duty-Ready Stinger 2020

    EAGLEVILLE, PA – Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, launched the rechargeable Stinger® 2020, the next evolution in duty-ready flashlights designed for search, detection and defensive uses. The new light delivers 2,000 lumens and up to a 24-hour run time. The Stinger 2020 features an anti-roll body design, non-slip side panels and an ergonomic shape for a perfect grip. Dual power switches and an intuitive mode selector slide switch allow for flexibility in lighting intensity and run time.

    “From clearing a room to searching for evidence or writing a ticket, the Stinger 2020 revolutionizes the idea of a rechargeable, super-bright duty light for police, military and other first responders,” said Streamlight Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Michael F. Dineen. “This newest model features a cutting edge ergonomic flat design, so that you can hold the light in your hand, under your arm or even in the crook of your neck without losing your grip or hold. And with its dual power switches, plus an easy-to-use mode selector switch, you can just set the light and not have to cycle between modes.“

    The Stinger 2020 is powered by two long-lasting SL-B26TM protected Li-Ion USB rechargeable battery packs. The light features multiple charging options: battery USB port and battery bank charger, or existing Stinger® smart chargers and bank charger.

    On high, the Stinger 2020 delivers 2,000 lumens, a 315 meter beam distance and a 2 hour run time; on medium, 850 lumens, a 200 meter beam distance, and a 4 hour run time. On low, the light offers an extended run time of 24 hours, with 100 lumens and a 70 meter beam distance. A strobe for disorienting or signaling runs for 3.25 hours.

    Made from aluminum alloy, the Stinger 2020 features a Borofloat® glass lens that is corrosion-resistant and gasket-sealed. The light measures 7.67 inches and weighs 12.3 ounces. The Stinger 2020 is TAA compliant with country of origin USA.

    Available in black, the light is IPX7 rated, and is waterproof to one meter for 30 minutes. It also is impact-resistance tested to two meters. The Stinger 2020 has an MSRP of $225.00-$265.00 and includes Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


    A closer look at the head highlights the Lo/Med/Hi mode switch.

    A closer look at the head highlights the Lo/Med/Hi mode switch.

    If your job involves the need for a duty-grade handheld light, or you just want that level of readiness available in your everyday life, maybe take a look at the Streamlight Stinger. What do you think? Will this new light get the job done? Is there a different make/model out there that you prefer, and why? Please feel free to take to the comments below and share your input with us. Have fun chasing ever more lumens! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of Streamlight
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