POTD: From Long Range Sniping to Close Combat

    After a week of advanced rifle marksmanship and machine gun skills, soldiers from the Lightning Troop finished up with the completion of an improvised assault course. Using the sharp end of a flag pole is certainly a new idea in terms of assault, but you take what you got I suppose when all the ammo is gone?

    Check out the photos below, from some of the NATO forces in Europe (Poland).

    Nato bayonet

    Machine guns on an open field are always nice.

    Working off the barricade.

    Barrel support is a big no-go.

    The Remington Mk 21 Precision Sniper Rifle (Remington MSR).

    From long range precision work to close combat. A pump action shotgun can be a great Master Key, and have other uses depending on the ammunition.

    Bayonets on!


    How often do you practice shooting your rifle canted? Do you know what happens with your point of impact at various distances?

    All photos by the U.S. Army Sgt. Timothy Hamlin.