TOR Mini Laser from Steiner and TNVC Out Now

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by Will P
Available now from Steiner and TNVC: the TOR Mini pistol laser.

At SHOT Show 2020 in January, TFB reported on several new products coming soon from low-light masters TNVC, Tactical Night Vision Company. One of these anticipated offerings was a TNVC exclusive infrared laser from Steiner eOptics, a micro laser called the TOR Mini. While the IR version is at TNVC only for now, Steiner has also come out with red and green visible-beam versions as well, which are not exclusive. This miniaturized aiming device made a good first impression at SHOT, and now it’s available for purchase.

Steiner provides this example of their laser's profile when mounted on a handgun.

Let’s take a look at the IR model’s official product description:

TNVC is proud to once again partner with Steiner eOptics to bring an highly anticipated, affordable, feature rich, next generation Class 1 IR laser aiming module (LAM) to the market! The Steiner/TNVC TOR-MINI IR VPC (Variable Power Control) is manufactured by Steiner eOptics, and sold exclusively through TNVC.

Once considered niche products with little use outside of military and law enforcement, night vision and thermal technologies are now embraced by the hunting and civilian enthusiast communities. Many users have come to realize that under certain circumstances, Class 0.7mW IR cause excessive blooming and laser splash at close ranges and with small game, degrading accuracy and precision and obscuring targets.

While most LAMs on the market rely on neutral density filters and/or active supplementary IR illumination to mitigate blooming effects, the Steiner/TNVC TOR-MINI IR VPC features a variable power aiming laser that can be switched between 0.2mW, 0.4mW, and 0.7mW by holding down the onboard “FIRE” button, providing an easy-to-use human interface to switch between output levels to match any target size or environmental conditions. The TOR-MINI IR VPC gives the user total control to adjust IR aiming laser output on the fly to place precision fires on targets large and small, from bad breath distance to over 270 yards, whatever the lighting conditions.

As its name implies, the Steiner/TNVC TOR-MINI IR VPC is small and lightweight, weighing in at only 1.6 ounces, yet built to last with a Type III Hardcoat Anodized, machined aerospace aluminum housing. The TOR-MINI IR VPC is also dust and splash-proof to IP54 standards, and features an adjustable Picatinny rail interface to fit a wide range of pistol and long-gun rails. The TOR-MINI IR VPC’s small mounting footprint makes it ideal for mounting on pistols and short-barreled rifles with limited rail space, and is equally at home on a .22lr varmint pistol to a large frame hog hunting rifle, or even mounted to a thermal weapon sight to allow spotters to detect game and point out targets to hunting partners using night vision devices.

The TOR-MINI IR VPC is not only small, lightweight, durable, and capable, but also extremely affordable, proving that not everything to do with night vision needs to be expensive. The TOR-MINI IR VPC is manufactured in the USA and backed by Steiner eOptics’ 3 Year Warranty, and is one of the best values for such a versatile product on the night vision market!

From the Steiner eOptics catalog, you can buy visible versions in addition to the IR laser for night vision.

As noted at SHOT by TFB’s resident NODs (Night-vision Optical Device) guru, Nick, this device can be used in multiple applications. Although it was designed to be a pistol laser, it can actually be flipped over and affixed to the top rail of other firearms as well. He appears to be dead-on in his assessment that this diminutive laser could serve well on a gun for which top rail space is limited, like a subgun. What do you think? With a sub-$300 MSRP, do you plan to purchase one? If you do, please let us know in the comments how it does for you. See you at the range!

Photos courtesy of Steiner.
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  • Erwos Erwos on Jul 13, 2020

    Lack of announcements about holster support make this thing a little worrisome.

    • Keiichi Keiichi on Jul 14, 2020

      @erwos Lack of preagreed holster production during production shutdown worrisome. News at 11.

  • Al Al on Jul 14, 2020

    I want it all right now