POTD: America’s First Space Age Automatic Rifle


    A Tweet can make an excellent Photo Of The Day and get the conversation going. In this case a Tweet from ACR about “America’s First Space Age Automatic Rifle“. 

    ACR wrote:

    Constructed from lightweight plastics and aluminum and equipped with a 16 inch “Dissipator” barrel, this futuristic weapon system provides logistical and ergonomic advantages unattainable by the competition. Also: a wide range of high quality accessories and replacement parts!

    The inner mechanisms are fully sealed to protect from foreign particles. Heat-regulating shielding over the barrel and gas system dissipate heat even in the vacuum. The 5.56mm ball cartridge provides minimal recoil. A robust carrying handle is ideal for transport in high gravity.

    Optional accessories include:

    Magnified optical sight with quick-release mount
    Laser sight and portable battery unit
    Enhanced carrying harness for adverse gravity conditions
    Gas diverting muzzle device
    40mm grenade launcher module

    The original Tweet can be found HERE.