Citadel Shotguns Added to MGE and Orion Wholesale Offerings

    Citadel shotguns will now be available through MGE Wholesale and Orion Wholesale.

    Legacy Sports International is the parent company for several firearms brands, including Howa and Citadel. Seeking to expand their distribution channels, Legacy has partnered with MGE Wholesale and Orion Wholesale, who will be adding Citadel shotguns to their product lines. Some of the available shotguns will include the BOSS-25, an AR-style semi-auto 12 gauge, and the VEPR-style RSS1. The press release announcing this distribution addition reads as follows.

    The BOSS-25 is Citadel's AR-style shotgun.

    The BOSS-25 is Citadel’s AR-style shotgun.

    July 9th, 2020 – Reno, NV –

    Legacy Sports International is excited to announce the addition of the CITADEL Home Defense pumps and semi auto shotguns to the MGE Wholesale and ORION Wholesale distribution channels. These additions the Distribution pipeline will surely compliment an already extensive list of great Distributors across the USA that are carrying the CITADEL brand as well as HOWA rifles, POINTER shotguns and NIKKO STIRLING optics at an amazing value to the market.

    We are living in truly unprecedented times where product fulfillment is of the highest importance while huge demands are placed upon the firearms industry as a whole. Expanding our Distribution channel allows us to continue to provide excellent service and Dealer Support throughout the country with our multiple Distributors and the Legacy Sports Int’l brands. We are in communication with our factories DAILY during these challenging times especially and are continuing to take measures that assure a steady flow of products and value to the industry.

    The Legacy Sports International Complete USA Distribution Lineup –

    Davidson’s, Inc.
    Sports South LLC
    Bill Hicks & Co
    MGE Wholesale
    Chattanooga Shooting Supplies, Inc
    Orion Wholesale
    Grice Wholesale

    For more information on all of the CITADEL Home Defense offerings and the rest of the LSI product line or to request a FREE 2020 catalog please call 775 828 0555 or visit:


    Legacy Sports International is a leading importer and exporter of firearms and optics based out of Reno, Nevada. For over 20 years, Legacy Sports has supplied distribution, independent dealers and shooting enthusiasts with quality rifles, shotguns, handguns and optics at a superior value. Some of the top brands that Legacy Sports imports are the renowned HOWA rifles from Japan, POINTER shotguns from Turkey, CITADEL brands from the Philippines, Turkey and Brazil, HARDY rifles from New Zealand and NIKKO STIRLING Optics from China. Today, Legacy Sports provides over a dozen of the TOP distributors and thousands of dealer across the USA with quality firearms products, value pricing and strong fulfilment which has made it the importer of choice. For more information about the company and product line and to request a new FREE 2020 catalog please call 775 828 0555 or visit:

    If you're a fan of VEPR-style shotguns, the RSS1 may be worth a look.

    If you’re a fan of VEPR-style shotguns, the RSS1 may be worth a look.What do you think, shotgunners? Will you be ordering one of these semi-auto or pump scatterguns? Do you already have one, or might you be adding to your existing arsenal? If you have experience with a Citadel gun, please feel free to share your experience with it in the comments below. See you at the range!


    Photos courtesy of Citadel.
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