TFB Review: Primary Arms GLx 2X Prism Scope For .300BLK

    Earlier I reviewed Primary Arms’ MD25 red dot sight. Well, they also have a new GLx 2X Prism with ACSS CQB-M5 reticle. It is a simple, compact, lightweight 2x optic and they make a version that is set for .300blk/7.62×39. I requested it specifically to test it on two .300blk guns, my Troy Pump Action Rifle and the Pork Sword.

    GLx 2X Prism mounted on Troy PAR

    I really wanted the optic for my Troy PAR. It is a pump-action rifle that is very quiet when suppressed but is faster than a traditional bolt action. Plus it has most of the same operating procedures as a semi-auto AR-15.

    The GLx 2X Prism is sort of like a budget version of a mini ACOG but with the added benefit of the ACSS CQB-M5 reticle.

    Photo by Primary Arms

    The ACSS CQB-M5 reticle has an illuminated semi-circle with a chevron in the center and three dots below for BDC. Below that is the ranging reticle.

    Photo by Primary Arms

    The reticle is set up specifically for .300blk supersonic and subsonic loads.

    Photo by Primary Arms

    The left side of the GLx 2X Prism is the illumination power knob. This illuminates the horseshoe and center chevron.

    Battery Type                                     CR2032 3V Lithium Coin
    Brand                                                 Primary Arms
    Click Value                                         1/4 MOA
    Eye Relief                                           3.50 in
    Field View                                          10042.00 ft
    Magnification                                   2X
    Manufacturer                                   Primary Arms
    Night Vision Compatible               Non-Compatible
    Reticle                                                ACSS CQB-M5 7.62
    Total Elevation Adjustment         40 MOA
    Total Windage Adjustment          40 MOA
    Turret Features                              Capped Turrets, Tool Adjustable
    Type                                                  Fixed Magnification
    Weight                                              11.0 Oz.
    The images below were photographed with the GLx 2X Prism aimed at a 200-yard target.
    Using the GLx 2X Prism was easy and intuitive on the Troy PAR. However, it was a little bit odd using it on the Pork Sword. The eye relief on the GLx 2X Prism is only 3.5″ so I found I had to get my face closer to the optic than was comfortable. Also, I kept the riser that I used for the Troy PAR so the height over bore was a bit high and resulted in a chin weld with the Pork Sword.

    Shooting The GLx 2X Prism

    I tested the GLx 2X Prism with both supersonic and subsonic .300blk ammo. I used Sellier & Bellot 124gr FMJ for supersonic tests and Ammo Inc. /stelTH/ subsonic 220gr TMC for subsonic tests.

    I was able to use the BDC of the ACSS CQB-M5 reticle to make hits out to 400 yards. However, with just 2x magnification it was difficult to make corrections when I missed.

    For a small lightweight optic, the GLx 2X Prism gives you a little bit more practicality over a simple red dot. I think a red dot with the ACSS reticle and 3x magnifier is a little more practical, but the GLx 2X Prism is perfect for SBRs with very little rail space. I think this optic would be perfect on a SIG Sauer Rattler. The GLx 2X Prism retails for $369.99. For more information go to the Primary Arms’ website.

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