Strike Industries STRIKE 80 Compact 80% Glock Frame Kit

    Strike Industries STRIKE 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit (11)

    Strike Industries first introduced these 80% polymer Glock frames back in January, at SHOT Show 2020. These frames are manufactured by Polymer80, however, they feature some ergonomic and aesthetic changes that set them apart from Polymer80’s own frames. Recently, Strike Industries announced that the new Strike 80 Compact frame kits are now available for preorder.

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    The Strike Industries Strike 80 Compact frame is a Glock-19 Gen3 pattern/size frame and is compatible with all parts of this pistol. Like other Polymer80 80% frames, the SI frame comes with stainless steel rear rail and locking block as well as the polymer finishing jig and all the tools necessary to complete the frame. There is also a metal plate embedded into the accessory rail to allow serializing the frame.

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    The Strike 80 Compact frames feature a thumb channel on the upper grip area as well as serrated support hand thumb ledges (on either side, in front of the slide lock recess) that allow for a more efficient control of the weapon. The texture on the sides of the grip is similar to the Polymer80 grip texture, however, the front and rear straps of the SI grip are different featuring large horizontal grooves. The internal geometry of the trigger guard is redesigned with the addition of two bumps one of which limits the trigger overtravel and the other one is designed to reduce the gap between the trigger guard and trigger bow thus decreasing the chances of pinching the shooter’s finger or snagging on gloves. The Strike Industries Strike 80 Compact frames also feature an extended beavertail, double undercut trigger guard, improved slide lock recesses that make the disassembly process a bit easier, and magazine cutouts at the base of the grip to allow for a more solid purchase on the magazine base should you need to manually rip the mag off the gun.

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    The MSRP of Strike Industries Strike 80 Compact Pistol Frame Kit is $145.95. The estimated start of shipping is August 2020. This frame is currently available in black color option only.

    Lastly, here is a video showing the described features of the Strike 80 Compact frame, followed by a set of pictures showing a G19 pattern pistol assembled with the new SI frame.

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