CZ-USA Releases Bren 2 922r Compliance Conversion Kits

    Bren 2 922r Conversion Kit

    Two weeks ago, CZ issued a soft release of their U.S.-made conversion kits for the Bren 2. The kits are made for Bren owners that wish to update the furniture to have the look and functionality of the Czech-made version. For those unaware, U.S. law, (18 U.S. Code § 922) commonly referred to as “922r” requires a certain number of parts made in the United States to be installed when changing out firearm parts from its imported configuration. CZ-USA explained that they didn’t have an official press release as the first batch of Bren 2 compliance kits weren’t enough to meet every owner’s demand, but they were happy to provide some of the details below.

    Contained in the kit are:

    -Folding, adjustable stock


    -Receiver plates for mounting handguard

    -Operating rod subassembly


    -Installation manual

    Below is a short excerpt from my communication with CZ-USA:

    Also required for full 922(r) compliance is a US-made magazine and a US-made muzzle device (or no muzzle device). This is intended for folks with the 5.56 version of the Bren 2 Ms, but parts are compatible with the 7.62×39 version.

    CZ-USA Releases Bren 2 922r Compliance Conversion Kits

    CZ Bren 2 rifle. Image credit:

    CZ-USA also said that finding a US-made 7.62×39 magazine may be a bit tricky for the time being.  Looking at the configuration of the Bren 2 rifle (as pictured below), it appears that they will already come with the same furniture as seen in the title image, so this conversion kit is more likely to make a splash with Bren 2 pistol owners that wish to make them into a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). You can learn more about that process via TFB coverage HERE and HERE

    CZ-USA Releases Bren 2 922r Compliance Conversion Kits 1

    CZ Bren 2 pistol. Image credit:

    The CZ Bren 2 922r compliance conversion kit is listed on CZ-USA’s web store for $275.06.  You can also check out CZ-USA’s main website HERE to see other products they have to offer, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

    What do you think of the conversion kit for the new Bren?  If you’re a Bren 2 pistol owner, do you plan to make an SBR with one of these kits?

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