New HIPERFIRE X2S Family Of Two-Stage AR Triggers

    Hiperfire X2S Family Of Two-Stage AR Triggers (1)

    HIPERFIRE has introduced a new line of two-stage AR triggers called X2S. This trigger family currently consists of three triggers – MOD-1, MOD-2 and MOD-3. All three triggers are compatible with AR-15 and AR-10 type firearms as well as AR-pattern pistol caliber carbines including the SIG Sauer MPX. Let’s see what other features the new HIPERFIRE X2S triggers share and what are the differences between the models.

    Here is how the company describes the new X2S family of triggers:

    HIPERFIRE® is simply unmatched in performance and reliability. We have broken all of the standards in single-stage AR triggers with our HIPERTOUCH® family, and now we have done the same in our new X2S™ family of two-stage triggers.

    Whether you shoot competitively, train to defend yourself and your family, or you simply want to enjoy shooting out on the range, ensuring your rifle functions properly every time, without fail, is important.

    Our new two-stage triggers feature the same technology that HIPERFIRE has become known for. Radical Sear Mechanics™, Cam-Over Toggle Engine™, Soft Start Lock-Up™, Tactile Weightless Break™, user adjustable pull weights, mil-grade components, and precision manufacturing processes come together to make one of the most robust two-stage triggers available today.

    The Radical Sear Mechanics technology allows using heavy hammer springs to decrease the chances of light primer strikes and increase the overall reliability and longevity of the trigger mechanism. The Cam-Over Toggle Engine makes it possible to have a lighter pull without sacrificing the striking energy of the hammer. Soft Start Lock-Up is designed to eliminate the flinch after the break and the Tactile Weightless Break ensures that there is no mushy overtravel after the break. A more detailed explanation of these features can be found on the company’s website or YouTube channel. For example, in the following video, they explain the design of the Cam-Over Toggle Engine.

    Now let’s take a look at the features of each of the three triggers.

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-1

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-1 (1)

    The HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-1 trigger has a curved trigger bow which can be retrofitted with a HIPERSHOE finger pad. The MOD-1 has a slightly longer first stage than the other two models. The first stage is adjustable and can be set to 2 or 2.5 lbs depending on the strength of the installed springs. The pull weight of the second stage is 1.5 lbs. Combined, the two stages result in an overall 3.5 – 4 lb trigger pull weight. The finish on this trigger is manganese phosphate.

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-1 (2)

    The MSRP of the HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-1 trigger is $200.

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-2

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-2 (1)

    Like the MOD-1, MOD-2 has a curved trigger bow (also compatible with HIPERSHOE) and a manganese phosphate finish, however, its first stage pull is shorter compared to MOD-1. The first stage can be 2 or 3 lbs when used with green or red springs respectively. The second stage pull weight is still 1.5 lbs and the overall trigger pull weight of the MOD-2 trigger is 3.5 – 4.5 lbs.

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-2 (2)


    The MSRP of the HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-2 trigger is $200.

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-3

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-3 (1)

    MOD-3 is identical to the MOD-2 in terms of sear geometry and trigger pull weights and distances. The difference from the MOD-2 is that MOD-3 comes with a flat trigger bow, a HIPERSHOE installed, and a black nitrided finish. As described on the company’s website: “HIPERSHOE finger pad reduces the perceived trigger pull weight for a lighter feel“.

    Hiperfire X2S MOD-3 (2)

    The MSRP of the HIPERFIRE X2S MOD-3 trigger is $225.

    All HIPERFIRE triggers, including the new X2S family, are made in the USA. By the time you are reading this article, these triggers should already be available for purchase on the company’s website.

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