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Meprolight's adjustable handgun sights. AK-12 Special Forces Slide Adapter Plate swedish k SILENCER SATURDAY #130: Innovative Arms Integrally Suppressed Scorpion K

SILENCER SATURDAY #130: Innovative Arms Integrally Suppressed Scorpion K

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome back to TFB’s weekly discussion of silencers and accessories designed to make suppressed weapons perform to their fullest potential. Last week we talked about the current state of the National Firearms Act – a series of laws [Read More…]

NEW Taurus G3C – First Impressions

The Taurus G3C is a successor to the G2C and PT111 G2 that incorporates the improvements from the full-size G3 pistol. In this episode of TFBTV, Hop takes the new G3C to the range to see how it handles. ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» PLEASE check out our Patreon and Subscribe Star pages if [Read More…]

Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 DeSomma is pictured here manning the POF-USA booth at his last SHOT Show in 2020. Speer's new Gold Dot G2 Carry Gun ammo, optimized for compact pistols. A WOT Promo photo featuring the MSBS (WOT) G95 hk TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #11: Mike Pappas And Eric Rogers of Dead Air Armament The Adaptive Defensive Shooting Summit will hold its second annual event this fall. First 8,000 AK-12 Rifles Are Issued To Central Military District of Russian Armed Forces (2) Davidson's three new exclusives come courtesy of Radical Firearms and Mission First Tactical. A Quick Guide to Firearms Insurance: How do you Insure Your Guns? Colt Police Positive Special