POTD: Operation Urban Steele in Latvia

    Each day TFB publishes one or more photographs from the fascinating world of firearms. Along with this comes a brief explanation about what is going on. Today’s Photo Of The Day is enhanced by a series of pictures from NATO’s enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group in Latvia. We’re looking at some Canadian Soldiers (above & below) with firearms from Diemaco/Colt Canada.

    colt c8

    The Ādaži training area component of is currently in full swing! This rehearsal involves multiple elements focused on urban operations, ranges, and specialist training.

    The Heckler & Koch G36 in the lead.

    Emergency medical training in progress.

    Below: Looks like a CZ 858 in 7.62×39 mm in front. Or what do you say?

    The webpage to the Ādaži area can be found here: https://www.adazi.lv/

    Scenario-based training.

    Heckler & Koch G36. What’s your opinion about the optics? Is the EOTech the primary or the secondary optic here?

    Photos by Sgt Felipe Barandica, eFP BG Latvia.