Jard’s Side Charge AR-15 Upper Receivers And Bolt Carriers

    Jard Inc Side Charge AR-15

    This Side Charge AR-15 Upper Receiver and Bolt Carriers aren’t exactly a new offering from Jard, although we haven’t yet covered it here at TFB. Jard’s Side Charge upper receiver and bolt carrier are designed to be able to disassemble without the use of tools by way of a slot that allows the side charging handle to be pulled out from the bolt before the bolt carrier group is removed from the receiver.  Jard offers their upper receiver and bolt carrier duo with, or without a bolt in the event that a customer already has a bolt they just want to drop in. Below is Jard’s description of the Side Charge AR-15 receiver:

    The JARD AR Side Charge Upper Receiver makes firearm operation with mounted optics much easier and natural than traditional rear charge recievers. No more having to leave your sight picture to charge your rifle. Our side charge design features a quick bolt removal feature that makes it unique – no messing with screws to remove or reinstall your bolt. Simply line up the charging handle with the cut-out to remove it, and the bolt slides out freely (see video below.)

    Available in two formats: the Complete Upper Receiver which includes the receiver and complete .223/5.56 BCG; or the No Bolt Upper Receiver which only includes the upper receiver, bolt carrier with gas key (no bolt head or firing pin), and the side charge handle.

    Jard Inc Side Charge AR-15 upper

    Below is the video from Jard Inc.’s YouTube channel, which showcases the disassembly and re-assembly process as described above.

    I had a few questions regarding Jard’s Side Charging Upper and I was able to speak with the President of the company, Dean Van Marel.  One of the reasons they designed the Side Charge Upper was with varmint hunting in mind.  As such, he relayed two of the benefits of the design, being that the shooter can reload the rifle without losing their sight picture compared to a standard charging AR-15 system, and that the shooter can reach the charging handle on the side easier when an optic is mounted.  I also asked if there was anything in the works for an upscaled AR-10 version of their Side Charge, and Dean did confirm they have something in the works.

    Jard Inc Side Charge ar-15 upper

    Jard Inc Side Charge AR-15 Upper

    Pricing for the Side Charge Upper and Carrier with the bolt is listed at $519.37, or $435.93 without the bolt, on Jard’s website.  You can check out their Side Charge page HERE, or their main website HERE to view other Jard products.  They also have a Facebook and Instagram pages as well in case you wish to follow them.

    What do you think about Jard’s Side Charge Upper Receiver and Bolt Carrier? How do the disassembly and re-assembly compare to other designs you’ve seen or handled on the market?

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