New WCP320 CARRY Pistol by Wilson Combat and SIG Sauer

    WCP320 CARRY Pistol by Wilson Combat and SIG Sauer (1)

    Several months ago, Wilson Combat announced the WCP320 9mm pistol which was the first pistol designed in collaboration with SIG Sauer and represents an enhanced P320 upgraded with Wilson Combat’s signature parts and design improvement elements. Yesterday, the company published a press release introducing the second WC/SIG pistol called WCP320 Carry.

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    Compared to the full-size WCP320, the WCP320 Carry has a shorter barrel (3.9″ vs 4.7″) and slide. The WCP320 Carry utilizes a new Wilson Combat grip module (Carry II Module) that has a grip length identical to the full-size WC/SIG pistol but shorter dust cover portion with three accessory rail slots compared to the four slots seen on the full-size pistol’s grip module. The new carry grip module is available in black or tan color options and features flared magazine well, reshaped trigger guard, undercut front strap, Wilson Combat’s Starburst pattern on the sides and stippling-like texture on the front and back straps.

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    The raw slides supplied by SIG Sauer are final machined at Wilson Combat and feature the company’s X-TAC pattern on the top surface as well as in place of front and rear serrations. The WCP320 Carry slides are also equipped with Wilson Combat Battlesights with red fiber optic front sights. Both the stainless steel slides and chrome-moly steel barrels feature a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) finish.

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    The WCP320 Carry pistols come standard with a SIG Sauer XFULL flat-faced triggers, however, the pistols can also be ordered with an optional action tune that includes Grayguns custom trigger parts. These pistols are available in 9x19mm caliber only and come with two 17-round magazines. They weight 26.8 oz unloaded and have the following dimensions: length – 7.5″, height – 5.5″, width – 1.5″.

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    The base version of the Wilson Combat WCP320 Carry pistol has an MSRP of $1,195. Pistols with tuned actions are listed on the company’s website at a price point of $1,350. All WC/SIG pistols come with special serial numbers that start with WC prefix.

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    To learn more about these new Wilson Combat / SIG Sauer pistols, watch the below-embedded video.

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