NEW Ranger Point Precision Marlin M-LOK Handguard

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    Ranger Point Precision has released a new aluminum M-LOK handguard for Marlin lever-action rifles. If you want to get into the currently popular game of modernized lever-action rifles and make your good ol’ Marlin lever gun more suitable for accessorizing, the RPP Marlin M-LOK handguard should be a great accessory to use in such a project. Let’s take a closer look at the design and features of this handguard.

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    The Ranger Point Precision Marlin M-LOK handguard features removable M-LOK panels on sides and bottom which can be easily replaced in case of damage or swapped with panels of different designs and colors that may become available in the future. Overall, the panels provide 15 M-LOK slots and 4 QD sling swivel sockets. Here is what the company says concerning the materials of the handguard and the limits of its design:

    In addition to its hard anodized 6061 aluminum construction, the RPP handguard is supplied with purpose built mounting hardware that is significantly stronger than Marlin factory hardware. Our burly tenon is made of 17-4ph stainless, the strongest grade available. Our barrel band adapter clamps around the barrel, rather than simply using a floating pin. While we have confidence in the strength of our system, there is a practical limit to how much weight/recoil your barrel dovetail can support, so we discourage the use of heavy accessories and bipods.

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    The flat bottom surface of the RPP Marlin M-LOK handguard is designed to be large enough to provide good stability when shooting from a rest, yet it’s slim enough and has rounded edges to comfortably fit most hand sizes. Additionally, the finger grooves running along the top edges of the handguard should allow for a more firm purchase and better control of the gun when shooting offhand which must be an especially valuable feature for rifles chambered in larger calibers such as the .45-70 Government. All the angles and edges are also chamfered and deburred to make the handguard more comfortable when gripping it with bare hands. The RPP Marlin M-LOK handguard weighs 7.5 oz and has the following dimensions: length – 13.25″, width – 1.5″, height – 1.6″.

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    Although the tolerances of rifles can vary, the company managed to make this handguard a drop-in accessory that simply replaces the forearm of your Marlin lever-action rifle with no changes to the gun and no gunsmithing required. The way they achieved this is by designing a self-bedding system based on rubber pads that self adjusts to fit a wide range of dimensional differences. Additionally, according to RPP, “these pads improve accuracy potential, even over factory parts“.

    As mentioned on the RPP’s website, this handguard “fits all Marlin centerfire rifles: 336 30-30 and 35 Rem; 308 and 338 MX/MXLR; 444; 1894 44 Mag, 357 Mag, 45 LTC, 25-20, 35-20; 1895 45-70; 450M“. The handguard is not compatible with Y (youth) models of Marlin lever-action rifles. The installation instructions can be found HERE.

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    The Ranger Point Precision Marlin M-LOK Handguard is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $168. The estimated start of shipping is July 3, 2020.

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