Strike Industries’ “Slide Adapter Plate” For Gen 3 & 4 Glock Parts Swap

    Slide Adapter Plate

    Image credit: Strike Industries

    Strike Industries recently added another firearm accessory to its wide list of products, with this latest giving Glock owners, or Glock aftermarket support owners the ability to better swap slides and frames between different generations.  Strike Industries’ goal with the Slide Adapter Plate was to allow a better fit between a Gen 3 slide on a Gen 4 frame.  They said that the Slide Adapter Plate will eliminate the gap between the Gen 4 Glock’s dust cover and the recoil spring guide rod tab of the Gen 3 slides.  While that first goal is purely cosmetic, Strike Industries also states that it should reduce the added flex of conjoined generation parts during firing. Let’s look at the Slide Adapter Plate’s product description and specs:

    The Strike Industries Slide Adapter Plate (SAP) allows you to use a GEN3 slide on a GEN4 frame properly. A GLOCK™ factory or aftermarket GEN3 slide will fit and function on a GEN4 frame, but there are a few issues to address. First is the ugly gap and the second is the unwanted extra flex in the frame because of the gap. Install the SAP in seconds and prevent any unwanted movement of the GEN3 recoil rod and spring from possibly damaging your GEN4 frame. Because there is an abundance of aftermarket GEN3 slide options, Strike Industries wants to make sure you are not restricted by fitment and have your choice to fully customize your pistol. Giving you a cost-effective resolution with SI design, the Strike Industries Slide Adapter Plate won’t hold you back on form and function.
    Slide Adapter Plate

    Image credit: Strike Industries

    Package Contents:
    -x1 Slide Adapter Plate

    Product Specs:
    -Length 5.05 mm
    -Width 15.81 mm
    -Height 13.15
    -Weight 0.1 oz

    Product Features:
    -GEN3 slide to GEN4 frame
    -Prevent flex in frame
    -Eliminate the gap

    The website doesn’t state what material the Slide Adapter Plate is made of, but it does have a metallic sound to it in the installation video.  The installation video below is from Strike Industries’ YouTube channel, and shows the “plug and play” nature of the adapter, which is retained by the recoil spring assembly.

    I can’t speak for the frame flex issue, but if it does exist while running a Gen 3 slide on a Gen 4 frame, I’m not sure if this product would reduce that without changing the guide hole location for the recoil spring guide. Hands-on knowledge would be required for confirmation.

    The Slide Adapter Plate is listed at $16.95 on Strike Industries’ website.  You can also check out their other products available HERE, or follow them on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

    What do you think of the Slide Adapter Plate? Have you used a Glock Gen 3 slide on a Gen 4 frame?

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