Polish Special Forces Seek Carbines

    Hk416f france

    Poland’s Jednostka Wojskowa Formoza and Jednostka Wojskowa GROM, both key elements of the Polish Special Forces, are seeking to procure new carbines. JW Formoza are seeking a new modular carbine while JW GROM are seeking an unspecified number of Heckler & Koch HK416 carbines. A tender notice was published by Poland’s state treasury on behalf of JW Formoza on the 12 June announcing the desire to procure an unspecified number of modular carbines. While a second tender from JW GROM was issued on the 16 June.

    JW GROM are seeking a significant number of HK416 carbines while JW Formoza, a Naval Special Operations Unit, are currently primarily armed with the H&K G36 but it appears they are now seeking to procure a new modular carbine, potentially HK416s like GROM. The HK416 is a platform popular with special forces around the world. It seems Poland’s special forces have little interest in the new MSBS Grot rifles being issued to the Polish territorial defense force and army.

     JW Formoza

    Members of JW Formoza armed with G36s sweeping a corridor during an exercise (JWF Archive)

    Neither of the tenders for the new carbines publicly specifies how many weapons are desired but the tenders state that the contract awards will not “exceed the PLN equivalent of EUR 428,000”, that’s over $481,000. The tender notices also note that “the awarding entity does not anticipate awarding supplementary orders.” Without knowing the per carbine price we can only speculate on the number of weapons to be ordered but it will likely number between 100 and 300.

    The French short configuration – the HK416FC (Oliver Louven)

    The HK416 A7 is the latest variant of the HK416 and from the reference to the weapons ordered as ‘carbines’, we can assume they are in either the 11-inch or 14.5-inch barrel configuration. The contract is also likely to include maintenance support, spares and accessories – these have not been specified publicly. JW GROM have been equipped with the HK416 for over a decade

    The deadline for contractors to submit their bids to procure the carbines for JW Formoza ends on June 24, while those seeking to supply JW GROM, end on 20 July. A maximum of five contractors will be invited to submit tender bids from those who express interest. Delivery of JW Formoza’s weapons is set for December 2020 while JW GROM seeks for the deliveries to be completed by the 30 November.

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