Speer Gold Dot G2 Carry Gun Ammo Is Here

    Speer's new Gold Dot G2 Carry Gun ammo, optimized for compact pistols.

    Speer's new Gold Dot G2 Carry Gun ammo, optimized for compact pistols.

    During January’s pre-SHOT Show frenzy, TFB reported on several new ammo options that would be coming out over the course of 2020. At SHOT, TFBTV went a little more in depth with Speer about their new additions. Now in a June 18th press release, Idaho-based ammo manufacturer Speer has announced that their Gold Dot G2 Carry Gun ammunition, specifically optimized for compact handguns, is heading to market. Your current options are 9mm, .40, and .45 +P. The release reads as follows.

    Speer's product page includes some charts, like this one addressing velocity...

    The product page includes some charts, like this one addressing velocity…


    JUNE 18, 2020

    Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun Ammunition for Compact Handguns


    Speer Introduces New Gold Dot Carry Gun Ammunition Designed for Compact Personal Defense Handguns

    LEWISTON, Idaho –– Speer has taken its law-enforcement proven Gold Dot G2 hollow-point bullet and modified it to create a new product line called Gold Dot Carry Gun. This specialized ammunition is designed to provide superior feeding, ballistics and terminal performance through compact handguns. Speer’s new Carry Gun lineup includes 9mm 135-grain, .40 S&W 165-grain, and.45 Auto +P 200-grain loads. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

    “Most shooters believe that a defensive bullet—any defensive bullet—will perform well in typical self-defense situations. But a duty bullet that is designed and optimized for a full-sized duty handgun may not perform to the same standard when shot from a short-barreled carry or backup gun,” said Federal Handgun Ammunition Product Manager Chris Laack. “By taking the Gold Dot G2 bullet and customizing it to function in short-barreled defense pistols Speer has created a self-defense load truly optimized for the guns in which it will be carried.”

    Gold Dot Carry Gun features the original G2’s exclusive bullet nose design. Instead of a large hollow-point cavity, it has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer. On impact, the material is forced into engineered internal fissures to start the expansion process. The result is extremely uniform expansion, better separation of the petals, and more consistent penetration across barrier types. Speer Gold Dot Carry Gun also utilizes the use of quality nickel-plated cases that feed dependably, advanced powders that perform consistently, and a sealed CCI primer that is sensitive and reliable.


    • Gold Dot G2 bullet design optimized for compact carry pistols
    • Shallow dish nose cavity filled with elastomer and structural-plated, pressure-formed core improve performance through barriers
    • Extremely uniform expansion and penetration when fired through short barrels
    • Exclusive Gold Dot construction virtually eliminates core/jacket separation
    • Quality, reliable components and consistent accuracy and performance


    Speer ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Speer. For more information on all products from Speer or to shop online, visit www.speer-ammo.com

    Contact: JJ Reich

    Senior Manager – Press Relations

    E-mail: [email protected]

    ... as well as this one regarding energy.

    … as well as this one regarding energy.

    With so many concealed carriers opting for smaller pistols these days, it would seem that there is likely a market for purpose-built ammo. The key, as always, will be performance. Will these new rounds end up doing better in your SIG P365 or Glock 43 than other ammo, from a practical standpoint? Time, testing, and experience will tell. If you decide to buy some of these new rounds and try them for yourself, feel free to let us know in the comments below how they do for you. See you at the range!

    Photos courtesy of Speer.

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