POTD: Concamo – Shooting with Secondary Sights

    G95 hk

    Secondary sights – everybody talks about them. TFB’s comments section is full of comments telling how important they are.┬áBut how often do we even zero them? Is your secondary sight zeroed, or do you just wait for the main optic to break (probably when you need it the most) before you do that?

    The picture from Concamo above, our Photo Of The Day, reflects this and you can see a soldier aiming through his side-mounted secondary iron sights.

    The rifle is from Heckler & Koch. The main optic is an EOTech.


    -Too late, you’re dead. Lasers and secondary sights, it seems.

    TFB has some Concamo gear on order. Perhaps we’ll get back with a review in the future. I’m quite interested to see how they work against IR and Thermal Imaging.

    Below: Note the folded secondary sights on the HK below as well.

    All pictures by Concamo. Confusion Camouflage Made in Germany.

    I quote one of our commenters from the Blitzkrieg AR-15 Spike Front Sight post: “why does anybody look through glass to see irons anymore, 45 them out where they’re supposed to be.

    Is he right or wrong? Let us know what you think below.