Mission First Tactical Introduces Ordnance-Themed Drinkware

    Mission First Tactical drinkware, available now.

    Mission First Tactical drinkware, available now.

    Experienced shooters know the importance of proper hydration. Anyone who’s spent long days on an outdoor range in the sun, traversed patches of wilderness in search of game animals, or taken any physically-intensive defensive firearms classes will be well aware of the human body’s need for good liquid intake. Not getting enough water during a summer range day here in Texas can be decidedly unhealthy, potentially even deadly. If you’ve served in a field-centric military unit like a light infantry battalion, you will almost certainly have been hounded by your well-intentioned medic to drink more water (as well as take ibuprofen and change your socks, the Army doc’s cure-all trifecta). Thankfully, Mission First Tactical has added to their customary offerings of firearms accessories like buttstocks and magazines by expanding to a new product line: stainless steel drinkware. Now not only can you stay well hydrated during your shooting practice sessions, but you can also do it in style with tumblers marked to look like military ordnance (plus a few other options).

    Mission First Tactical Introduces Ordnance-Themed Drinkware (1)

    Mission First Tactical’s 16-ounce M18 Smoke option…

    Mission First Tactical Introduces Ordnance-Themed Drinkware (2)

    … and its 20-ounce big brother.

    First up, “pop smoke” with a classic: the M18 Red Smoke grenade. These hand-thrown canisters billow thick clouds of colored smoke for tasks like marking or screening. Next up is the M7A3 Riot CS grenade. Another hand-thrown canister, this devilish device fills the air with a gaseous chemical compound (chlorobenzalmalononitrile, or C10H5ClN2) which causes a burning sensation in the face and respiratory system, inducing uncontrollable coughing and difficulty breathing. MFT’s final ordnance tumbler bears the markings of a 155mm M107 howitzer shell. These massive 95-pound projectiles contain about 15 pounds of high explosives each. All three of the drinkware options with military markings are offered in 16-ounce flip-top variants, with the M18 Smoke also available as a 20-ounce tumbler. Each share the following characteristics, as per Mission First Tactical:

    ● 4 hours hot / 9 hours cold
    ● Double Walled
    ● Triple Insulated
    ● Sweat Proof
    ● 18/8 Stainless Steel
    ● BPA & Toxin Free
    ● Dishwasher Safe/ Handwash recommended

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    This tumbler won’t ruin your day like an actual CS grenade can.

    Mission First Tactical Introduces Ordnance-Themed Drinkware (3)

    Bonus: if you use this at the office, your boss won’t be able to see if it contains coffee or whiskey.

    Just in time for Father’s Day, these tumblers are priced at $24.95 for the 16-ounce models or $29.95 for 20 ounces. If you decide to pick one up, let us know what you think in the comments below! Stay hydrated, and I’ll see you at the range.

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