POTD: M/45BE Swedish Police Submachine Gun

    Photo Of The Day – Today we have some TFB exclusive pictures of the Swedish M/45BE submachine gun. “E” stands for “Enkelskott” in Swedish, or single shot (semi-automatic) in English, which is quite appropriate for a Law Enforcement firearm. The M/45BE was the reinforcement support weapon of the Swedish Police before the Heckler & Koch MP5 was adopted, and there are not many left in existence.

    The version called M/45BET (not shown here) had only one purpose, which was to shoot tear-gas grenades. The BET has a “cup” at the end of the barrel and a high sight to compensate for the rather poor ballistics of a tear gas grenade. T stands for Tear gas.

    Earlier this year the Swedish Police announced that they were buying the B&T GL06 for Tear Gas Grenades.



    The M/45BE for the Police has an all-black finish. The military version of the M/45 has a slate grey phosphate and enamel green color (centuries before FDE entered the scene).

    E stands for “Enkelskott” in Swedish, or single shot in English. “A” for Automatic fire.

    Thanks to an anonymous contributor.

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