POTD: Lantac’s 11.5” 6mmARC Pig Pistol

    When Hornady announced the new 6mmARC (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) cartridge, there were a few firearms and barrel manufacturers ready with products in the caliber for those who want to become early adopters. In our Photo Of The Day, we’ll take a look at one of them, namely the Lantac 11.5” 6mmARC Pig Pistol.

    Below you can admire and digest the build components:

    Aimpoint AB Micro T2.
    Armasight PVS14 Night Vision Monocular
    SB Tactical Brace.
    Elander 24Rnd 6ARC Magazine
    Dead Air Silencers Suppressor mounted to our DGN762B-DA Brake.
    PROOF Research Lantac 11.5” 1:7.5 twist Stainless Barrel.
    Magpul Industries Corp. MOE Grip
    ALG Defense Trigger
    LA-SF15 Receiver Set.
    SPADA-ML Handguard.
    Dedicated 6ARC E-BCG
    SureFire, LLC ScoutLight

    For more information please check Lantac USA’s webpage: https://www.lantac-usa.com/

    What do you think of the build? Would you want it in 6mm ARC, or would you prefer another caliber? Let us know in the comments.