CMC Introduces 6mm ARC Enhanced BCG

    CMC Enhanced BCG 6mm ARC (1)

    The list of products supporting Hornady’s new 6mm ARC cartridge keeps growing. CMC Triggers has announced the addition of a new iteration of their Enhanced AR-15 bolt carrier group featuring a bolt compatible with this new cartridge. The new CMC Enhanced BCG is also suppressor optimized. Let’s see what other features CMC has incorporated into this BCG’s design.

    CMC Enhanced BCG 6mm ARC (1)

    The bolt carrier of CMC Enhanced BCG is machined out of 8620 steel and has a black nitrided finish/surface treatment. It features a flared tail which as advertised by CMC, “is designed to reduce carrier tilt/cant during recoil and increasing reliability by strategically relocating key bearing surfaces“. The carrier has reduced contact areas with the upper receiver to reduce the friction of the cycling action. The carrier mass is increased to extend the dwell time and improve the extraction process on suppressed and short-barreled firearms. The bolt carrier also features a chamfered cam pin track and three forward-facing enlarged gas escape ports.

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    The bolt of CMC Enhanced BCG is machined of 9310 steel and is also nitrided. CMC notes that it is machined with extremely tight tolerances held to .0005″. The concave surfaces of the bolt tail (behind the gas rings) are additionally ground to have an as smooth surface as possible making it easier to clean. The bolt is high pressure tested (HPT) and magnetic particle inspected (MPI). All bolt components are also shot peened.

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    The CMC Suppressor Optimised Enhanced BCG is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $199. The BCG is covered by a lifetime warranty.

    Although advertised to be specifically designed for the 6mm ARC, I guess this BCG should also work fine with any cartridge that has similar head dimensions such as the 7.62x39mm, 6.5 Grendel, 6mm PPC, .50 Beowulf and the endless amount of wildcat cartridges based on the 7.62×39/220 Russian case.

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