TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #10: Jimmy Hamilton From Vortex Optics

    TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast #10: Jimmy Hamilton From Vortex Optics

    TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast #10: Jimmy Hamilton From Vortex Optics

    Welcome back to the latest edition of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast that features industry leaders talking about their backgrounds, company history, products and information that can help you become a better shooter.

    Today we feature Jimmy Hamilton from Vortex Optics. Besides being a fantastic guy, Jimmy is hyper-knowledgeable in his field of shooting optic solutions. Vortex Optics has a full lineup of glass ranging from entry-level options for newer shooters to top-of-the-line options for competition and tactical applications. We talked about some optics basics – reticle choices, first focal plane versus second focal plane, optics budget for different guns and more. Please ignore my gaff when I mixup mildots and mils – anything over 100 yards is probably outside of my expertise. Enjoy the listen.

    Vortex Optics at TFB:

    TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #10: Jimmy Hamilton From Vortex Optics

    Hello everyone and welcome to TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast. I’m Pete and I’ll be your host.

    Today on the show we have Jimmy Hamilton from Vortex Optics. Based in Wisconsin and started in the mid 80’s, Vortex began as a retail store selling outdoor optics. With a focus on the customer, Vortex has grown into a household name in the shooting sports community with products that range from entry level to professional grade. Mr. Hamilton is the marketing and social media manager for Vortex, offering guidance and support to customers around the world.

    Please welcome our friend Jimmy Hamilton from Vortex.

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