POTD: Blitzkrieg AR-15 Spike Front Sight Post

    Photo Of The Day – Secondary sights – We are looking through a Trijicon MRO with the Blitzkrieg AR-15 Spike Front Sight Post / White Stripe. The light is an Arisaka 600 Series IR Light on their Picatinny Offset Mount, mounted on a Centurion Arms CMR MLOK Rail, and of course a Blitzkreig White Stripe FSP in a Magpul MBUS.

    All the pictures are taken by Dstrbdmedic167.

    This replaces standard A2 style sight posts in any typical AR-15 type fixed or folding sight. The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Spike Front Sight Post for AR-15 sights provides superior sighting with a sharp aiming point and a bold, fast sight picture.

    The sharp aiming point enables precise aiming and high confidence on difficult shots. The bold, contrasting White Stripe gives the shooter an eye catching sight picture against all types of backgrounds. It is very fast and very easy to see. White stripe is painted on TWO Sides. (Blitzkrieg)

    Photos from Dstrbdmedic167, used with permission.

    You can find Bliezkrieg’s homepage here: https://www.blitzkriegcomponents.com/

    What do you think of the Blitzkrieg upgrade? I have one, but few of my rifles will allow for a secondary sight due to lack of space.