Finnish Reservists Gets New AKs From South Korea


    The Finnish Reservists are getting a new rifle. The rifle is a semi-automatic AK-clone made by Dasan Machineries of South Korea. The design of the MPK rifle is made to resemble the Rk series (rynnäkkökivääri or “assault rifle”) of rifles.

    MPK is The National Defence Training Association of Finland, established in 1993. The purpose of the MPK association is to promote national defense through training, publicity, and education. The association has both local and regional units and organizes military training and training contributing to military capability as part of voluntary national defense.

    They also “train and educate citizens to be prepared for and to survive dangerous situations in everyday life and under exceptional conditions. With this training, we improve and support the readiness of the Finnish Defence Forces and other authorities under normal and exceptional conditions.“(Source)

    The path to chose this rifle was a public tender to start with. None of the domestic producers submitted any bids, most likely due to the target price set by MPK.

    Below: The new Finnish MPK rifle, made by Dasan Machineries from South Korea. The action is semi-automatic. The rear sights have been specifically ordered to be similar to the assault rifles used by the Defense Forces.

    Photo: – MPK Rifle

    Specifications of the Finnish MPK-rifle:

    Manufactured by Dasan Machineries South Korea
    Caliber: 7.62 x 39 mm (muzzle velocity 720 m/s)
    Weight (without magazine): 3.1 kg
    Weight (with magazine): 3.4 kg
    Length: 895 mm (the firearm has a telescopic folding stock)
    Option for an accessory rail to which accessories such as a red dot sight or lights can be attached.

    The rifles will be checked and delivered to the various MPK districts during the summer. One of the benefits of the new rifle is that everyone in the organization will be using the same type of rifle, instead of their own.

    Photo from Battlefield 2020.

    Also, the Finnish Defence Forces just posted a video about Battlefield 2020, with a lot of action.

    Source: (Reserviläinen, is Finland’s largest national defense magazine. It is a supporter of the Finnish Reserve Officers ‘Association and the Reservists’ Association.)

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