LRH-MOA – New reticle for the Schmidt & Bender 3-21 EXOS

    3-21 EXOS S&B

    The new Schmidt Bender 3-21×50 EXOS riflescope is mainly aimed at customer’s looking for a great hunting riflescope.

    The model is now available with a new illuminated LRH-MOA (Long-Range Hunting) reticle.

    The LRH-MOA reticle is in the second focal plane (SFP = stays the same regardless of magnification) and MOA based, which should attract customers on the American market.

    To be honest, the D7 reticle (also SFP) is very simple, so this reticle should take a good portion of the share.

    In conjunction with the new Ballistic Elevation Turret for the EXOS, this should be an excellent companion for the long-range hunter. It could be one of the better ballistic turrets I’ve seen, and once zeroed it would be very interesting to try it out at various ranges.

    The new MOA reticle is fairly uncluttered and seems easy to use both for hunting or when shooting at the range.

    You can check the details up-close in the LRH-MOA – 3-21×50 datasheet: Schmidt-Bender-Datasheet-LRH-MOA-SFP-3-21×50.pdf

    Schmidt & Bender LRH-MOA-SFP-3-21×50
    The reticle looks the same at all magnifications:
    The 3-21×50 Exos is the latest addition to the Exos line. The focus is on intuitive functionality, such as 11-step illumination technology including an automatic switch-off and the reliability of all components. The ‘S-Spring Technology’ developed by Schmidt & Bender stands for a precise and repeatable bullet drop compensation (BDC) with precise tactile clicks. (Source)
    An explanation of the reticle:

    For more details, and great photos taken through the scope itself from 3 to 21 power from 50 out to 1000 meters check on of our previous articles on the EXOS. That has another reticle, but the glass is the same.

    I was not able to find an MSRP, but the prices seem to be around $2,950.00

    Schmidt & Bender’s product page:×50-exos.html

    What do you think of this reticle as a hunter? Is it something you would consider?

    Eric B

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