POTD: Croatian Troops with HS Produkt VHS Bullpup Rifle

    Croatian troops, NATO Enhanced Forward Presence, Lithuania

    VHS could be short for Video Home System, but in this Photo Of The Day, we’re looking at the Višenamjenska Hrvatska Strojnica (“multifunctional Croatian machine gun”). On this occasion, the HS Produkt VHS and some other firearms are used by Croatian troops in the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence in Lithuania. The VHS is chambered in 5.56×45mm NATO, and has a bullpup construction. The VHS pictured here has the VHS-BH grenade-launcher attached.

    The grenade launcher as described by the manufacturer:

    The VHS-BG is double action single-shot 40×46 mm grenade launcher. Equipped with hammer forged barrel and high durable polymer, VHS-BG can fire all 40x46mm type of grenades on the market – smoke, HE, CS, Rubber, etc.

    VHS-BG can be used as stand alone variant or as under-barrel grenade launcher for VHS-2 rifle. Mounting grenade launcher on VHS-2 rifle is easy and fast with our one pin quick-mount system.

    All pictures are by NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia.

    A fun fact is that the French Army evaluated the VHS-2 to replace the FAMAS. Bullpup to bullpup, which makes some sense. As you all know, in the end, the German Heckler & Koch HK416 won.

    You can find HS Produkt’s homepage here.