Ulfhednar Introduces New Tripod HD40 and Deadlock Saddle

    “The Ulfhednar (pronounced Ulf-heth-nar) were a group of Viking warriors. They wore wolf skin, and their own skin was black-died. Like the Berserkers, they preformed chants and ritual prior to battle to get in a “Berserker Rage”. Through adrenaline they became much stronger and faster, became immune to pain, and bled less.”  Snorre Sturlason “Ynglinga Saga”

    As we promised at the end of last year, it’s now time to write a few more words about the Norwegian company Ulfhednar as they are introducing their new “Tripod HD 40“. This is Ulfhednars’ largest tripod with 8 layers of premium carbon, 40 mm diameter. The legs have a robust and sturdy twist-locking mechanism. This tripod is designed for photography, spotting scopes and of course can be used as a shooting support. The 72 mm pan-head provides 360° rotation, 20° up and down, and tilt to the sides.

    According to the manufacturer, this is one of the most stable tripods on the market and can carry systems up to 40 kg.

    Ulfhednar tripod 2020

    The max height is 170 cm. The total weight is 3.2 kg.

    It looks like someone has a pretty good training facility in the garden.

    At the same time, Ulfhednar is also introducing the “Deadlock saddle”. According to the company, it fits all types of rifles and is compatible with almost all tripods.

    It has standard 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads for direct mounting on a tripod or ball head. The saddle is quick to maneuver and applies tension from both sides. It has a rubber grip, that also provides protection and helps absorb vibration. The adjustment knob makes it easy to adjust one-handed.

    Ulfhednar prs

    Shown fully open below.

    And closed below.

    This product is designed, manufactured and assembled in Norway.


    I was not able to find a price for the HD40, but once it becomes available it should show up here: https://www.ulfhednar.no/products

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