POTD: Heckler & Koch Rifles with A-Tec Suppressors

    In our Photo Of The Day, we’re going to take a look at suppressors from A-TEC in NorwayThere may be some Heckler & Koch content here as well. The A-TEC company was founded in 1999, in a garage as many other start-ups. The mission was to make better silencers than the ones that existed.

    Now remember that Norway is a country that doesn’t regulate suppressors, so there’s quite some potential compared to other more restricted countries. I quote Wikipedia on the legal matter (Source):

    Suppressors are not regulated under Norwegian law, and may be purchased by anyone. Suppressors are also legal while hunting, and seen as a necessity for more comfortable shooting and to lower the environmental impact of noise.

    Mp7 norway a-tec

    Nowadays A-TEC is located in a top modern factory of 600 square meters, from where they serve a market ranging from Northern Europe all the way to South Africa. Their production capacity is 80,000 suppressors.

    Below you can see one of the suppressors for the Heckler & Koch MP7.

    H&K MP7 4.6X30 A light-weight, all-steel silencer that handles full-auto shots.

    Designed, developed and tested, purely for the Heckler & Koch MP7. Designed to be an effective and compact part that will not affect the concealed carry capabilities of the MP7. These products are in active service today.

    The added length relates to the flash hider. This silencer is designed so it can be attached semi-permanently to the weapon and needs only to be removed for cleaning.

    Surface treatment: Anodized

    These pictures were taken during testing and evaluation of A-TEC suppressors.

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    You can find A-TEC online here.