POTD: Belizean Sniper in Stalking Event

    Sniper Stalking Event

    We don’t visit the Dominican Republic too often here at The Firearm Blog, yet here we are in Santo Domingo looking at snipers doing their best to avoid us.¬†Above you see a Belizean sniper as he aims downrange to acquire a target. He was taking part in a Sniper Stalking event at Fuerzas Comando. This happened some time ago, in 2010, and the event included teams devised of snipers and observers that set off to find a target while remaining concealed from visual sight.

    The Sniper Stalking event was just one of several events that make up the Fuerzas Comando Special Operations Competition. The 18 countries taking part in Fuerzas Comando are very competitve but one of the main objectives of the operation is to promote partnership between countries from Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

    Above: Two sniper teams consisting of concealed Jamaican and Belizean soldiers observe their target.

    Below: A concealed Sniper looks through his scope for his target.

    Below:  Two concealed Jamaican Special Operations snipers observe their target.

    Below: An Argentinian commando sniper.

    Sniper Stalking Event

    All photos by Spc. Deldravin Sykes-Robinson.