Rostec Unveils The First Russian Heavy Machine Gun Reflex Sight

    First Russian Heavy Machine Gun Reflex Sight (1)

    Russian state corporation Rostec has announced that they have developed the first Russian heavy machine gun reflex sight. This red dot sight is designed primarily for the .50 caliber Kord HMG that is widely used throughout the Russian armed forces both as a crew-served infantry weapon and mounted to various marine, aerial and ground vehicles. The new sight is developed by TSNII “Tsiklon”, which is a subsidiary of the Ruselectronics Holding that in its turn, is part of Rostec Corporation.

    First Russian Heavy Machine Gun Reflex Sight (3)

    The new Russian reflex sight mounted on a Kord heavy machine gun.

    According to Rostec, the dot of this sight can be seen at any angle and from any distance from the lens which I suppose means that it is a parallax free sight with unlimited eye relief. The large lens is advertised to provide a 20-degree field of view. The dot is also adjustable and as mentioned in the Rostec news release, allows for a precision fire at distances of 400, 800 and 1200 meters. I guess the wheel on the right sight of the housing is the distance adjustment knob.

    First Russian Heavy Machine Gun Reflex Sight (2)

    At the time of writing this article, no other details are known about this HMG red dot sight. I wonder if there is a provision for mounting a magnifier behind the sight. Many of the other heavy machine gun sights such as the Trijicon MGRS or some of the DiOptical DCL series sights, do have such an option. It would also be a good feature if it was possible to swap the side mount with a Picatinny rail mount. That would make the sight compatible with a lot of other weapon systems and make the product more attractive expanding the potential market size.


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