New Mini Plate PRO from Gray Ops CNC

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    Gray Ops CNC are very busy with the R&D to bring new interesting products and concepts to the (long range) shooting community. TFB recently wrote about the Spuhr Ring Turret Guards from them, and it’s now time to introduce the Mini Plate PRO.

    I have a plate from Gray Ops, in fact I have two as I couldn’t make my mind up if the smaller or the larger was “it” for me. Having tried them, my conclusion is that the larger plate is better, but any plate is better than none.

    On a small local match I managed to get 11/12 hits on the ladder stage from 400 meters with my PRS .223 Rem rifle. Perhaps I got lucky, but I actually thank the plate and the Armageddon bag for the performance, and eventually I was able to win. I would think that the new plate described here is a redesign of the one I’m using, so it got my recommendations.

    Here’s how the manufacturer describe their new Mini Plate PRO:

    Mini Plate PRO

    The most stable, user friendly, enhanced plate on the market. Created for the Top Level shooter who demands the best equipment without compromise.

    Key features:
    -Integrated Gray Ops throw lever Arca with the ability to “fine tune” your preferred lever pressure
    -Dedicated mini plate bag attachment slots
    -Bridge like curved shape hugs the shooting bag for reduced recoil
    -Skeletonized for ultralight weight (10 oz)
    -Optional brass diamond texture weights for additional bag grip (adds 14 oz)

    The Mini Plate PRO

    “The most stable, user friendly, enhanced plate on the market.  Created for the Top Level shooter who demands the best equipment without compromise.”


    • Plate and clamp housing machined from 6061 Aluminum and Type II Black Anodized
    • Integrated Gray Ops QD Throw Lever Arca Clamp designed and machined in house for smooth, easy attach and detach
    • Throw lever design allows for adjustable tension settings from hard close, to soft close, and a few settings in between. 11 total lockable positions per full “Nut” rotation which adjusts the tension .002 per position.
    • QD Throw lever and all internal stress parts machined from Steel and Black Nitrided
    • Same overall dimensions as regular Mini Plate with more ergonomically friendly contours (4.5” width x 6.75” length)
    • Slots on each corner for easy mini plate bag attachment
    • 100% Flat Bottom
    • Weight saving cuts for extreme lightweight design (10 oz)
    • Curved Bridge like shape “hugs/grips” over the bag for increased recoil reduction
    • Two ¼-20 threaded holes on bottom for accessories or future adaptability

    OPTIONAL Brass Weight Kit

    • Machined from Brass and sold as a “Pair”
    • Rough Diamond pattern machined as a textured contact surface to grip bags
    • When added to the Mini Plate PRO, total weight is 24 oz.

    The plate is $220.00, with an additional $45 for the Brass Weight Kit.

    According to the manufacturer, the system is available for pre-order with small shipments delivering every 2 weeks starting from end of May.

    More can be found out here:

    What’s your opinion? Plate or no plate when shooting long range?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.