New Arca Elite System from Cadex Defence

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    If you haven’t discovered the Arca Swiss Rail system yet, you should take a serious look at it.¬†For long-range shooters, there are several advantages with the Arca rail system, which is one of the reasons why you have seen and will see more articles here on TFB about it.

    In some cases, the good old Picatinny rail or M-LOK is still the best choice but my preference on long range precision rifles is going to be the Arca system. Or even better, an M-LOK and Arca rail combination as pictured, so you can move around your bags, supports and bipods during the course of fire.

    Here’s the description from Cadex Canada:

    New Arca Elite System from Cadex

    Cadex is excited to announce the new Arca Elite System (AES) rail and clamp. The AES system was created to offer shooters an edge over traditional Arca rails.

    Combined with our quick throw locking head you have a system that locks down with 2 stainless steel pins into the locking grooves that will not move under any amount of recoil or pressure.

    The AES rails are still fully compatible with all Arca accessories and tripod heads currently on the market.

    You can also remove the stainless steel pins from the AES clamp and take advantage of quick throw lever and adjustable tension to adapt to your current rail.

    The system is available for all Cadex rifles and chassis from 2014 to their current generation and M-LOK compatible chassis.

    Below is an overview of the full kit as well as the separate items available.

    You can check out some more pictures from SHOT 2020 and the Cadex booth here. Here you can see what a .50 BMG Cadex Defence rifle looks like in the dark, as an 808 Grain Lehigh Bullet is shot through it.

    Which is your favorite attachment system? Let us know in the comments below.

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