Underground Arms Watch – May

    Continuing the Underground Arms Watch series, here are a number of black market made and modified firearms which have recently surfaced. First up, here are three corpses of what were once guns which were seized in Zimbabwe earlier in the month.

    “EASTERN CAPE – Two (02) shotguns and an AK47 Assault Rifle were seized during an intelligence-driven operation that was conducted by Qumbu police at Kalankomo locality today at about 05:00.

    The operation was conducted following a shooting and stealing of a chicken at Qotira on Sunday, 03 May 2020 at about 01:45, where three men allegedly fired several shots at one homestead and fled with one chicken. No one was injured.

    In the early hours of today three (03) 17-year-old boys were arrested for possession of two (02) shotguns with no ammunition whilst a 23-year-old man was arrested after he was found in possession of an AK47 with no ammunition.”

    ““Let’s not give criminals space to breathe, let us suffocate them and make them feel us,” the District Commissioner, Major General David Kanuka said.”

    Next up, a couple of pictures courtesy of CalibreObscura


    Another auto switch equipped Glock seized in South America last month, this time in Brazil:

    On Tuesday night (14), military police carried out a saturation operation in the Porto Novo neighborhood, in Cariacica. During the operation, a 22-year-old criminal with an open arrest warrant for the crime of homicide was approached. A pistol with 12 intact ammunition was seized with it.” imprensalivre

    Seemingly what is the most prevalent homemade submachine gun design being seized in Brazil currently, especially in the state of Espirito Santo. The patriotic example below was seized on the 14th.

    Policia Militar

    Another example seized on the 25th in Serra, Espirito Santo:

    Three SMGs seized after a firefight with police at a coffee plantation in Espirito Santo on the 7th.

    Another one seized on the 6th.


    A homemade submachine gun seized in Rio Piracicaba, Minas Gerais:

    Policia Militar

    Another .380 submachine gun which was seized in Espirito Santo.

    “This Sunday morning (26), in the Alecrim neighborhood, the police were patrolling the “Beco da União”, when they saw three young men with guns. After reinforcements arrived, the police managed to arrest two of the suspects. A homemade caliber 380 submachine gun was also seized with ten ammunitions, four of which were detonated.

    On Friday (24), a 27-year-old man was arrested after fleeing from a police team and hiding in a vacant lot in the Ilha da Conceição neighborhood in Vila Velha. The military spotted the suspect who was holding a volume around his waist and ran into a field to evade the approach. Once located and boarded, two homemade 12-gauge weapons were found, as well as three intact ammunition.” Policia Militar ES

    A crude improvised submachine gun used to commit a robbery in Minas Gerais last month.

    A .45 improvised submachine gun made using parts of a Taurus .177 break barrel airgun seized on the 5th of May.

    A zip gun seized by Essex police, UK.

    From Melbourne, Australia.

    “Average home or gun workshop? Police have allegedly found homemade firearms, explosive devices, weapons and drugs in a house in Melbourne’s northeast. And they believe the guns were being tested in a nearby park” Facebook

    Herald Sun

    A couple of improvised a modified firearms seized by Queensland police:

    A homemade revolver, seen multiple times previously, among 20 firearms seized in an operation on the 8th of May.


    Finally, below are four locally made shotguns seized by police in the province of Sultan Kudart, Mindanao.