Suppressed Nation Reviews the YHM Resonator K Rifle Silencer

    Suppressed Nation Reviews the YHM Resonator K Rifle Silencer

    Suppressed Nation Reviews the YHM Resonator K Rifle Silencer

    Testing and evaluating silencers is no easy task. On the surface, the process seems easy – setup to record video and shoot the host/suppressor combination. Unfortunately, consumer-grade electronics are not capable of accurately recording the peak impulse of a gunshot. The most affordable option is a B&K 2209 analog decibel meter that has been out of production for years, costs about $3,500 used and still may not be able to record the short but extreme peaks of firing a shot. The next best option is the B&K Pulse System that is priced in new car territory and is a scientific instrument that requires training, proper setup and careful planning. My friends over at Suppressed Nation along with Hansohn Brothers, one of my favorite NFA dealers, have taken suppressor T&E to the next level. In their latest video they test the YHM Resonator K on a variety of different hosts and compare it to the YHM Turbo K with hard data from the B&K Pulse System to back it up.

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    Suppressed Nation Reviews the YHM Resonator K Rifle Silencer

    Suppressed Nation

    The Yankee Hill Machine Resonator K is a suppressor I know many enthusiast have been waiting on! Whether you are wanting a short 30cal for range day work or just want the shortest OAL length suppressor for hunting YHM has you covered! They first introduced the 556 Turbo K to the market which we believe is one of the best K cans available. Listening to their customers, who are always seeking options when it comes to size, YHM has now released what is sure to be a suppressor that will not sit on the shelves for long!

    The Resonator K is a tubeless design made from 17-4 SS, with a 718 Inconel blast baffle. It is full auto rated and designed to handle all you can throw at it! The muzzle side of the tube is threaded 1 3/8×24 to allow the end user a larger selection of mounting options such as the Dead Air Keymo, Silencerco ASR, Q Plan B, Griffin Armament Plan A, Torrent QD, Hansohn Brothers Ti direct thread & Rex Silentium qd 6 lug.

    For more information on the Brüel & Kjær Pulse metering system please visit the link provided below


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