Brownells Introduces Glock 48 Slides

    Brownells continues expanding their line of Glock pistol parts. The most recent additions to their Glock products are the new Glock 48 slides. These are stripped slides available in standard and windowed configurations. The latter has a top cutout behind the front sight as shown below.

    Brownells Glock 48 Slides (4)

    Brownells Glock 48 windowed slide

    The Brownells Glock 48 slides are made of stainless steel and have black nitrided finish/surface treatment. These slides are compatible with OEM Glock 48 slide parts. The external dimensions of Brownells slides are similar to that of the original Glock slides which means guns retrofitted with Brownells slides should fit in G48 holsters. Compared to the original G48 slides, the Brownells slides feature a longer front serrated area with eight front grooves versus the five grooves of factory slides. Later, versions of Borwnells G48 slides with red dot sight cuts will be available, too.

    Brownells Glock 48 Slides (3)

    The new Brownells G48 slides should be especially interesting to those of you who want to modify your Glock 43 or Glock 43X pistols. Basically, if installed on Glock 43X pistols, these slides will convert them into Glock 48 size guns. And by installing the Brownells G48 slides on Glock 43 pistols you’ll create a hybrid pistol that has the G48 length and G43 height (a Glock 43L, if you will). Of course, in both of the described cases, you’ll need longer barrels which you can also pick up at Brownells as they do make G48 barrels, both standard and threaded.

    Additionally, the windowed slides will be useful for building compensated guns by combining them with ported barrels.

    Brownells Glock 48 Slides (2)

    Brownells Glock 48 slides are listed on the company’s website at $199.99 and $209.99 for the standard and windowed versions respectively.

    Tell us in the comments section what kind of build would you use these slides for and what applications your build will shine in?

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