POTD: Brownells BRN-180s with A-TEC Suppressor

    Nothing to do? Each day you are welcome to TFB’s selection of photo highlights. If you’re lucky you might learn something on the way. Today we take a look at Schromo’s place in Germany and his Brownells BRN-180 with an A-TEC Suppressor.

    It usually takes a while for a firearm to really become one of my guns.

    I don‘t just slap on some parts and that‘s it – instead every part of the firearms gets examined and tested, what works can stay and what doesn‘t gets replaces with something better. So over a period of a few months (or sometimes even years) every single one of my guns undergoes several subtle change cycles until the system reaches a kind of equilibrium.

    That‘s what this Brownells BRN-180s has now reached. I‘ve replaced several of its components (some of them several times) and it is now optimal tuned for my use.

    The front grip is from Magpul – along with the M-LOK „rail“ covers, the pistol grip, an RSA QD sling swivel and the backup sights.

    The stock is a short ACE AKFX skeleton stock by Double Star with a matching buffertube adapter (non-folding, because with a folding stock and that 10.5“ barrel length this would create an „illegal item“ here in Germany – but only in .223, .300AAC would be ok. Don‘t ask. Please. Just don‘t.).

    The lower receiver ist from Aero Precision with a G2S trigger from Geissele, a Norgon ambi mag catch, a short throw safety by Strike Industries and KNS anti-walk pins. The flash hider is a new QD mounting interface for the A-FLOW suppressor from A-TEC.

    The mags are made by Lancer Systems and are simply the best. And let‘s not forget the sight: my go-to choice, a Holosun HS503GU in a Geissele mount.

    And if the ranges weren‘t closed because of this god-awful Corona lockdown, I could enjoy this beauty even more.

    The picture and story are from Germany and Schrombo, used with permission. Please check his Instagram or Facebook out.

    For an update on some of the firearms legislation in Germany, you can check these articles: Germany now allows Suppressors in more States and the latest Essential Parts of the new German Firearms Act – Guidelines.

    You can find A-TEC Suppressors here: https://www.a-tec.no/