POTD: 808 Grain Lehigh Bullet through a .50 BMG Cadex Defence

    Photo Of The Day – TFB’s daily selection of photographs from around the world. TFB reached out to Gudmundsen Photography (make sure you check out his great skills) and got permission to use these amazing pictures of a .50 BMG Cadex Defence in the dark.

    I think the rifle is a CDX-50 TREMOR.

    From Cadex Defence:

    When we saw these amazing pics from this photograph we initially thought that it was “Photoshoped” quite a lot!

    In fact, all he’s been doing is playing with a very long exposure to create this amazing optical illusion and effect of a 808 grain Lehigh solid bullet exiting the barrel.

    Some people are professionals at handling extreme range rifles like ours, while some are just as good handling a camera.

    To the best of my knowledge, this would be the bullet used:

    510-170 Match BoreRider 808 Grain

    The .510 Match BoreRider 808 Grain is the bullet used by Mark Avakian to set the current .510 BMG World Record 1,000 yard Aggregate of 5.8229 inches. Maybe you are the next record holder?

    The front etching band diameter is 0.5023 and the rear driving band diameter is 0.5105.

    Cadex Defense night

    Direct links to some of the people involved in this picture:

    Gudmundsen Photography

    Lehigh Bullets and Lehigh Defence.

    Cadex Defence

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