POTD: March FX 5-42×56 High Master Wide Angle Riflescope

    March FX 5-42×56 High Master Wide Angle Riflescope

    Photo Of The Day – Today we will get a closer look at a lonely cabin on the hillside. Perhaps this will disappoint some people, but for anyone looking for reasons to buy the new March FX 5-42×56 HM riflescope, these pictures will be heaven (or hell, depending on how deep your pockets are). The cabin is 950 meters away, roughly 1,040 yards for those who prefer this measurement.

    Here we go, zooming in on the objects from 5 power up to the full 42 power.

    March 5 42

    By now we can see and appreciate the benefits of having a reticle with a center dot which is “free”.

    The last pictures is from 350 meters (383 yards). As you can see it is possible to place the center dot inside the target and still see what surrounds it clearly.

    March Scopes FX Wide Angle 5-42x56mm HM PRS Scope Specs:

    Effective lens diameter(mm) : 56mm temperature tolerant anti-drift

    Windage/Elevation turret :1 click 0.1mrad, 10mrad per 1turn

    Total travel amount : Elevation: 40mrad ,Windage: 14mrad

    Illumination : 6 level illumination switch

    Eyepeice : 26 degree wide angle, fast focus diopter

    Body tube : 34mm diameter

    Overall length : 358mm (14.1in)

    Weight : 950g (33.5oz)

    All pictures by www.longrange.sk (Pavol Blahút). Used with permission.

    The price of this scope is roughly €4,199 but will vary depending on the market.

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