NAA .22 Short Mini Revolver with Color Case Hardened Finish

    North American Arms has added another special edition rimfire wheelgun to their Custom, Curious & Collectibles Shop firearm line. The new revolver is a custom version of their smallest Mini Revolver that is chambered in .22 Short. What sets it apart from standard NAA-22S revolvers is the color case hardened surface treatment/finish and the grip options.

    Here is how North American Arms describes the properties of their color case hardened finish:

    The colors on your case hardened parts are a by-product of the hardening process. The colors are somewhat fragile and will wear and fade over time from normal handling and usage. Care should be taken to minimize exposure to sunlight for extended periods of time. The hardness obtained by the steel during the coloring process will not be affected even if the colors begin to fade or wear off. The color case hardening process performed by us  uses the same materials and techniques used by 19th and 20th century gunmakers.

    NAA .22 Short Mini Revolver with Color Case Hardened Finish (2)

    The NAA .22 Short revolvers have a five-round cylinder capacity and single action only trigger mechanism. The barrel length is 1-1/8″ and the overall dimensions are as follows: Length – 3.63″; Height – 2.38″, Width – 0.88″. These micro wheelguns weigh in at four ounces. In the pictures of this article, the revolver is shown with faux stag grips, but apparently, it can be also ordered with wooden grips like the larger .22 LR and .22 Magnum color case hardened NAA revolvers.

    The MSRP of NAA Color Case Hardened .22 Short revolver is $400. All NAA Mini Revolvers are covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

    Of course, a revolver like this has a very limited practical use. Even if it can be used in some applications as a tool, there are probably better options to do the job. Nevertheless, these are beautiful little firearms, especially in this color case hardened version. I’d love to own one and display it in one of the NAA display cases.

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