MK Machining Making AR500 Steel COVID-19 Shaped Targets

Doug E
by Doug E
Image credit: MK Machining

MK Machining has found a way for shooters to take out their frustrations on the corona virus with COVID-19 shaped steel targets. The COVID-19 steel targets are made from sourced AR500 steel with a 12 inch diameter and are 3/8 inches thick. The targets also come with a hole drilled at high-center for mounting to stands or as a swinging target. The dimensions were specifically made to fit into a flat rate shipping box, which can fit four COVID-19 shaped targets.

While perusing Reddit, I happened across a post from Tyler, the owner of MK Machining, showing off the new COVID-19 shaped steel targets. Tyler explained that his targets are cut with waterjets to keep the integrity of the steel intact. He also said that with they can use the waterjets to do shallower etching on the face of the targets, such as the accenting lines on the COVID-19 shaped targets, or a grid pattern on the other targets they have available. Out of curiosity, I asked Tyler how long it took to cut each target with a waterjet, which he estimated about 30 minutes per target.

Image credit: MK Machining

This isn’t MK Machining’s first foray into producing steel targets however. If you’re not interested in the COVID-19 shaped targets, you can check out their other steel targets on their website HERE, or you can also check out MK Machining’s other firearms related products on their main page HERE. Tyler also mentioned in his Reddit post that they’re working on some reactive targets for the near future. Tyler said that the COVID targets will sell for $60, and ship for around the $13 mark and you can find them HERE.

steel targets

If you’re tempted to buy some COVID-19 targets from MK Machining, let us know in the comments section below. Even if not, hopefully your local range is open again for some relaxing shooting sessions!

Doug E
Doug E

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  • JJJingleheimerSchmidt JJJingleheimerSchmidt on May 14, 2020

    Lol...I may have to get one for the absurdity factor alone. But plinking the ears/tabs (whatever they're called) without hitting the center mass might be fun with the Buckmark.

  • Mattblum Mattblum on May 16, 2020

    I think it's kinda cute. If I had a range of my own, I'd buy a couple just for grins. Don't right now, so someone else can have mine, but I still like it.