KUKRAX – The Unexpected Offspring of Kukri and Tomahawk

    Kukrax Pak Axe

    Here we are again, another “not a firearm”, in the form of a tomahawk/axe/hatchet. While last time we saw a fairly traditionally styled model, here we introduce a very unique axe/kukri hybrid: the Kukrax. An edged tool marrying the peculiar angle of the Nepalese khukuri with the familiar axe blade.

    Kukrax Tak Axe and khukuri.

    Tak Axe model with one of its parents.

    Kukrax – The Unexpected Offspring of a Kukri and a Tomahawk

    Here below the full Press Release:

    The Walden Tennessee company, Pearson Industries, is introducing a new line of “comfort axes” for sale to the general public. Created under the premise that there are few things in life as reassuring as a sharp hand axe, the Kukrax Pak Axe and Kukrax Tak Axe are the civilian versions of the Kukrax Fighting Axe UBS (Universal Bifurcation System) which debuted at the NDIA  Armament Systems Forum in 2018.

    Kukrax Origin Story/Creation Myth (whichever version you choose to believe is entirely up to you):
    Long version-The Kukrax project began as something of a thought experiment, i.e., suppose a Kukri and a Tactical Tomahawk somehow met online, dated a while, got married despite her family’s initial objections and father’s continued intransigence on religious grounds and had a baby who eventually grew up and ventured out into the world.  Just what would that offspring look like?
    Short version:
    Axe chop good…
    Kukri chop good…
    Kukrax chop more good.
     “I  can say unequivocally and without reservation that, if not the absolute greatest edged weapon ever created in course human history, the Kukrax is, without a doubt, one of the newest.” said designer Fred Pearson with characteristic undue modesty.  The Kukrax can be found at Kukrax.com and at select retail outlets.
    Kukrax Pak and Tak with blade covers.

    Pak Axe (top) and Tak Axe (bottom) with their sheaths.


    • Overall length: 15.75″ 
    • Cutting edge: 6″
    • Thickness: 0.177″ (4.5 mm)
    • Construction/Material: One Piece Full tang/heat treated 1075 carbon steel
    • Handle scales:
      • Tak Axe: Black Canvas Micarta
      • Pak Axe:  Walnut
    • Scabbard:
      • Tak Axe: Kydex
      • Pak Axe: Hand crafted leather
    • Finish: Black traction powder coating
    • Weight:
      • Tak Axe: 28.1 oz.  (1 lb.12.1 oz.)
      • Pak Axe: 25.8 oz.  (1 lb.  9.8 oz.) 
    • Retail:
      • Tak Axe: $249.95
      • Pak Axe: $239.95
    • Patent Pending
    • Made in El Salvador
    Kukrax Pak Axe.

    Pak Axe in the wild.

    Of course, all hatchets now have to be offered in both civilian and tactical flavour. Yours truly appreciates more the versatility of the large Nepalese knife and the function of traditional hatchets, however, one can see how marrying these 2 designs may offer good chopping performance. The market already offers plenty of options for full tang hatchets/tomahawks made out of flat steel stock. Those appreciating this configuration may see an interesting option in this model.

    Kukrax Pak Axe.

    The country of production may look odd compared to the usual suspects for offshore manufacturing, yet those familiar with some of its products, and its carrion-eating avian fauna, may find the choice spot on.

    Kukrax models embracing.


    So, do you like this chopping tool? Would you give it a go on some wood against more traditional designs?

    All images from Kukrax website.

    Giorgio O

    Italian firearm enthusiast now living in an even more restrictive country, Giorgio has a passion for innovative or plainly unusual mechanical solutions. He’s also interested in manufacturing technologies with a recent focus on additive manufacturing.

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