POTD: New Russian T-90M Main Battle Tank

    T90 battle tank russia

    We recently watched the Russian Special Forces getting their first batch of AK-12s. In this Photo Of The Day, we’re looking at the 1st Guards Tank Army (Taman Armored Division near Moscow) as they get their first batch of modernized T-90M tanks.

    The Russian T-90 main battle tank has been around since the beginning of 1990, and the T-90M is the latest upgrade with a more powerful engine and a better protected and more capable turret.

    The T-90M also has a new optics system to improve its capabilities during the dark hours. The new turret has a new design with multi-layer armor and the placement of the ammunition is now outside the fighting compartment. The main 125 mm 2A82-1M cannon is also new.

    The T-90M has a remotely controlled 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun. In terms of protection from incoming fire, it uses “anti-cumulative screens and a Relikt dynamic defense system”. You can read more about the Relikt system here.

    A closer look at the new turret.

    “The race is on!”

    Below is a video of the T-90M.


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