Featured Deals of the Quarantine – 5/8/20


    Welcome back folks to another Featured Deals of the Quarantine. As always please feel free to leave me a comment if you want me to hunt down something you’ve been looking for but can’t find. Without any further ado, let’s get to the deals.

    CZ P-09 Suppressor-Ready Urban Grey 9mm – $499.98

    Image Provided by Rural King Guns

    What the deal is:

    Despite some of the shade that CZ gets thrown on various gun forums (mostly in good humor), nobody can deny they make fine handguns. The P-09 is one of their bread and butter offerings. It is a big chunky handgun clocking in at 32.2 ounces, but it holds 21+1 rounds.  It has a surprisingly crisp (for a factory offering) DA/SA trigger, and of course, has those front and rear slide serrations that people were going wild about for a few months.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    The prices on these seem to fluctuate pretty wildly. However, given that it’s in urban grey (which is hard to find), and clocks in at just under $500 while most people have it closer to $530, makes me think this is a pretty good deal.

    IWI Tavor 7 308 bullpup rifle – $1,751.99

    Image Provided by g4gguns

    What the deal is:

    Okay, now me personally I think bullpups are the worst. Possibly because I get a faceful of gas from them due to being a filthy southpaw. However, some of my righthanded friends assure me that bullpups can, in fact, be fun to shoot. So here’s the Tavor 7, chambered in 7.62×51 NATO/308 Winchester. It takes 20 round magazines, looks pretty in flat dark earth and comes “optics ready” which is just a fancy way of saying they didn’t include any sights.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    A lot of people like this gun, which means it’s often out of stock or being sold for well over MSRP. Here though you’ve got it in FDE (the best color for a Tavor I personally think), and it’ll cost you about $100-200 less than street price. If you want a 308 Bullpup, this is the deal for you.

    Italian Police Trade-in Beretta 92S 9mm – $329.99

    Image Provided by Palmetto State Armory

    What the deal is:

    Anyone who’s read a few of these posts knows that I am a sucker for police trade-in guns. It’s a bit of a gamble, no doubt about it, but nine times out of ten you get a gun that was unholstered once a year for five to ten years to shoot five rounds to get recertified each time, and then put right back away. If you’re in the market for a handgun with some cool history to it, or just want an inexpensive metal-frame 9mm duty handgun, the Beretta 92S is for you.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Used 92S’ seem to go for around $350-450 depending on condition and age. So for just $330, that’s a good deal I have got to say.

    Butler Creek AR-15 ASAP Electronic Mag loader – $199.99

    Image Provided by Brownells

    What the deal is:

    Alright, so most of us probably figure that the best way to spend a day at the range is to go through somewhere on the order of 1,000-10,000 rounds of ammo. This necessarily entails either a lot of magazines or a lot of loading at the bench. The Butler Creek ASAP loader will orientate and load 5.56 ammo for you at the press of a button, meaning you spend more time shooting and less time loading.

    Why it’s a good deal:

    Everyone has discounted these to $199.99, but not everyone has them in stock. So if you’re looking for a faster way to load your AR-15 mags, this is the deal for you.

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    Benjamin is a recent graduate living in Virginia with a master’s degree in Criminology. He was introduced to firearms at summer camp when he was thirteen. Ever since his first shot with a .22LR bolt-action he has been in love with shooting sports. He is a moderator on the TFB Discord, which can be found at https://discord.gg/bcVD9zw, and can occasionally be found on twitter @BFriedmanUSA.