ROAM R-10 – World’s Lightest Production AR-10 Now Available

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    World’s lightest production AR-10’s” – that’s what a company called Roam claims when describing their new R-10 rifles. The lightest of Roam R-10 line of rifles is the R-10 Red River Ultralight which being chambered in .308 Win and having a 16″ pencil barrel, weighs in at 5.73 lbs. These rifles were first introduced at SHOT Show 2020, and they are now available for preorder.

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    So how did they manage to decrease the weight without making any awfully impractical skeletonizing cuts? The secret sauce is the use of magnesium alloys instead of aluminum. According to the manufacturer, the alloys they use match the strength of aluminum while dropping a third of the weight. Components of Roam rifles made of magnesium alloy include the upper and lower receivers, barrel nuts, handguards and receiver extensions. The bolt carrier groups are full-weight AR-10 BCGs.

    Currently, there are six models of Roam R-10 rifles listed on the company’s website. These guns are direct impingement SR25/DPMS pattern rifles. They come with one Magpul 10-round magazine, KynSHOT recoil reducing buffers, Radian ambidextrous charging handles, Hogue pistol grips, and Mission First Tactical Battlelink adjustable stocks. All models are available in black or FDE color options of the Cerakote finish. When ordering the rifles, you can choose from ATC AR Gold or JMT Saber triggers. Some of the models are available with PROOF Research carbon fiber wrapped barrels. The models with steel barrels can be equipped with standard or adjustable gas blocks. The muzzles of all barrels are threaded with a 5/8×24 thread pitch and come with a titanium thread protector.

    Below you can find the model-specific tech specs and prices of all six Roam R-10 rifles. The estimated start of shipping is June 30th.

    R-10 Red River Ultralight

    Roam R-10 RedRiverUltraLight-Right-Black

    • Caliber – .308 Winchester
    • Barrel – 16″ Pencil Weight Barrel
    • Handguard – 12″ M-LOK With Split Top Picatinny Rail
    • Weight – 5.73 lbs
    • MSRP – $2,599

    R-10 Red River

    Roam R-10 RedRiver-Right-Black

    • Caliber – .308 Winchester
    • Barrel – 16″ Pencil Weight Barrel
    • Handguard – 12″ M-LOK
    • Weight – 5.82 lbs
    • MSRP – $2,549

    R-10 Badlands

    Roam R-10 Bandlands-Right-Black

    • Caliber – .308 Winchester
    • Barrel – 20″ Heavy Fluted Barrel
    • Handguard – 15″ M-LOK
    • Weight – 6.45 lbs
    • MSRP – $2,699

    R-10 Killdeer

    Roam R-10 Killdeer-Right-Black

    • Caliber – .308 Winchester
    • Barrel – 18″ PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Barrel
    • Handguard – 15″ M-LOK
    • Weight – 6.51 lbs
    • MSRP – $3,449

    R-10 Great Plains

    Roam R-10 GreatPlains-Right-Black

    • Caliber – 6.5 Creedmoor
    • Barrel – 22″ Heavy Fluted Barrel
    • Handguard – 17″ M-LOK
    • Weight – 6.77 lbs
    • MSRP – $2,899

    R-10 Walhalla

    Roam R-10 Walhalla-Right-Black

    • Caliber – 6.5 Creedmoor
    • Barrel – 20″ PROOF Research Carbon Fiber Barrel
    • Handguard – 15″ M-LOK
    • Weight – 6.82 lbs
    • MSRP – $3,649

    I wonder how much weight reduction could be achieved if POF USA Revolution receivers were made of this alloy. How much do you think an AR-15 would weigh with the use of Roam magnesium alloys?

    If you want to learn more about Roam magnesium alloys, click HERE to proceed to the company’s website page dedicated to explaining the properties of their alloys.

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