POTD: Norma .500 Nitro Express

    Say hello to the .500 Nitro Express in Today’s Photo.

    Some people like hard-kicking calibers. I am not one of them, and I notice that my friends’ firearms in these calibers stay home most of the time. Having said that, there are times where a large caliber is a preference. Hunting in Africa might be one of those occasions.

    And, there is a lot of love for the nameĀ Nitro Express.

    Today we take a closer look at the Norma Woodleigh FMJ .500 Nitro Express 3.

    The bullet weight is 36.9g/570gr.

    500 Norma Express


    The .500 Nitro Express has some confusing nomenclature surrounding it, as it was conceived around the time period when black powder was being phased out in favour of the more modern smokeless powders.

    The cartridge is also known as the .500 Express which also comes loaded with black powder charges.

    It is a powerfull big game and dangerous game cartridge, designed for use throughout the former British Empire such as Africa and India where there were plenty of dangerous game to be hunted.

    Some technical specifications, fast and heavy!

    • V0 2150 f/s V50 2038 f/s V100 1929 f/s V150 1824 f/s V200 1723 f/s

    • E0 5852 ft.-lb E50 5256 ft.-lb E100 4710 ft.-lb E150 4211 ft.-lb E200 3757 ft.-lb


    What’s the biggest caliber you ever fired, hand-held?