WOOX Introduces the AX1 – Tomahawk-style Hand Axe

    Welcome to TFB – The Feller’s Blog, the best online resource for all your questions about axes, knives and lumbersexual gear! Well, no, not really, but indeed here we take a detour from firearms to have a look at a new hand axe. The AX1 is a new product by the young outdoor oriented company WOOX, already on our radar thanks to their gorgeous Furiosa and Exactus bolt action rifle stocks.

    WOOX AX1 Wood and Tactical.

    WOOX Introduces the AX1 – Tomahawk-style Hand Axe – Wood and Tactical versions.

    Here is the full press release for the AX1:

    WOOX Introduces the AX1

    Hickory, North Carolina – April 27, 2020 – Continuing their pursuit of manufacturing the best hand-crafted outdoor gear, WOOX has now introduced the AX1.

    The WOOX AX1 was developed to offer the outdoorsman the best possible tool for the job. But beyond the simple functions of an axe, the AX1 combines stunning craftsmanship with an innovative tomahawk-style design. The octagonal Appalachian hickory handle adds durability and ergonomics. The wedge-shaped head is made of tempered carbon steel and is cerakoted to offer even greater durability and weather resistance. Rounding off this great piece of gear is a heavy-duty steel, diamond heel in
    the pommel.

    Every WOOX AX1 comes with an Italian leather collar, but you can also purchase a purpose-designed leather sheath from WOOX as well. The AX1 is made in Italy, but is developed, assembled, and finished at the WOOX North American headquarters in Hickory, North Carolina. Available in two different color configurations, the AX1 has a retail price of $179.00 and is one of the best-crafted axes for any serious outdoor adventure.

    About WOOX: A new outdoor gear company, WOOX prides itself on delivering best craftsmanship at a competitive price. WOOX manufactures high-performance rifle stocks and chassis, as well as outdoor gear such as knives and axes. By circumventing traditional channels, making their gear in-house in Italy and engaging with customers directly, WOOX can deliver higher-quality, higher-performance and better-looking products at a fraction of the traditional craftsmanship price. WOOX is a division of Minelli Group with its North American headquarters situated in Hickory, North Carolina. All WOOX products are developed in the USA and manufactured in Italy. Find out more at https://wooxstore.com/.

    The manufacturer also released a short video highlighting the features of the model:


    HEAD Tempered Carbon Steel Head (C45/1045) Tempered Carbon Steel Head (C45/1045)
    COATING Cerakote Black Cerakote Grey
    HANDLE Appalachian Hickory Appalachian Hickory
    HANDLE FINISHING Walnut Midnight Grey
    TANG Full Tang Full Tang
    LENGTH 15.7” or 40 cm 15.7” or 40 cm
    BLADE 3 ¼” or 8 cm 3 ¼” or 8 cm
    WEIGHT 2lbs or .92Kg 2lbs or .92Kg
    HEAD WIDTH 5 5⁄16″ or 135 mm 5 5⁄16″ or 135 mm
    HEAD HEIGHT 1 1⁄16″ or 27 mm 1 1⁄16″ or 27 mm
    HEAD WEIGHT 1,35lbs or .6Kg 1,35lbs / .6Kg


    WOOX AX1 Wood.

    WOOX Introduces the AX1 – Tomahawk-style Hand Axe – AX1 Wood configuration.

    WOOX AX1 Tactical.

    WOOX Introduces the AX1 – Tomahawk-style Hand Axe – AX1 Tactical configuration.

    Overall we have a practical axe in a comfortable package, surely a great outdoor companion when paired with a small knife. Yours truly is not sold on the cerakote finish, especially on the “Wood” configuration, where a traditional blueing would look more fitting; however, it is likely a good choice to protect the carbon steel head.

    WOOX AX1 head and collar.

    WOOX Introduces the AX1 – Tomahawk-style Hand Axe – AX1 Wood head, with leather collar.

    The steel choice is a simple, tested and reliable one, perfectly capable of offering the right blend of edge retention and ease of sharpening in the field. The steel pommel may not be the feature which will see the most use, but if hammering is a possibility, it’s good to have an option which protects the head from abuse.

    WOOX AX1 Tactical sheated.

    WOOX Introduces the AX1 – Tomahawk-style Hand Axe – AX1 Tactical with accessories, tattoos not included.

    Do you like this axe and the design language of WOOX in general? As usual, let us know in the comments!


    All images from WOOX website.

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